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Here's a list of names starting with c.

Baby names starting with c

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Gender Name List Origin
girl Creuddylad Welsh
boy Crichton English
unisex Cricket American
girl Criosaidh Gaelic
boy Cris Spanish
girl Crisann Spanish
girl Crisanna Spanish
boy Crisdean Scottish
girl Crissa Irish
girl Crissie Irish
girl Crissy Irish
girl Crista Greek
girl Cristelle Latin
girl Cristen English
boy Cristian Spanish
boy Cristiano Spanish
girl Cristie Irish
girl Cristin English
girl Cristina Italian
girl Cristine Spanish
boy Cristobal Spanish
boy Cristofer Spanish
boy Cristofor Spanish
boy Criston Spanish
boy Cristos Spanish
boy Cristoval Spanish
unisex Cristy English
girl Cristyn English
boy Croften English
boy Crofton English
boy Crogher Irish
boy Crohoore Irish
boy Crombwiella English
boy Crompton English
boy Cromwell English, Scottish
boy Cronan Irish
boy Crosby English
boy Crosleah English
boy Crosleigh English
boy Crosley English
boy Crosly English
boy Croydon English
boy Cruadhlaoich Irish
girl Crystal Latin, English
boy Cseke Hungarian
boy Csepel Hungarian
boy Csongor Hungarian
boy Cuartio Spanish
boy Cuarto Spanish
boy Cuchulain Celtic
boy Cuithbeart Scottish
boy Culain Celtic
boy Culann Celtic
boy Culbert English, Teutonic
boy Culhwch Welsh
boy Cullan Irish
boy Cullen Irish, Celtic
boy Cullin Irish
boy Cullo Irish
boy Culloden Scottish
girl Cullodena Scottish
girl Cullodina Scottish
girl Cumania Irish
boy Cumhaige Scottish
boy Cumhea Irish
boy Cumin Scottish
girl Cumina Scottish
boy Cumming Scottish
girl Cundrie Arthurian Legend
girl Cundry Arthurian Legend
boy Cunningham Scottish
boy Cupere English
boy Curry Celtic/Gaelic
boy Curt Latin, French, English
boy Curtiss English
boy Cus Arthurian Legend
unisex Cushi Hebrew
boy Custennin Celtic
boy Cuthbeorht English
boy Cuthbert Anglo Saxon
boy Cutler English
boy Cutter English
boy Cuuladh Irish
boy Cwentun English
girl Cybele Scandinavian
girl Cybill Old English
unisex Cyd Greek
girl Cydnee English
girl Cydney English
girl Cymberly English
girl Cynburleigh English
girl Cyndee English
boy Cyndeyrn Welsh
girl Cyndi Greek
girl Cyndy English
girl Cyneburhleah English
boy Cyneleah English
boy Cyneley English
boy Cynfael Welsh
boy Cynfor Welsh