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what kind of shoes do you wear?

I have puma's. I've been wearing puma's for about two years. Before those emo pose...

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Member681840 wrote: Member514938 wrote: Since I became a mother, I only wear sneakers and sports clothes that I feel comfortable in....


Safe protein

Hey everyone, I am 5 weeks pregnant and I was wondering if there are any safe protein powders f...

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Heyy yes there is try the healthy mummy page or the flora and fauna page just good protein while pregnant and these two products sh...


Corona Virus and Birth

So as your all aware this Corona virus is getting a bit out of hand and stress levels are high fo...

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Frazier wrote: It’s glad to hear you are just conceiving and entering 35th week but there are some certain things you really need to...


How to fix communication issues in a site about baby feeding?

If you faced similar problems please help. Tell me please what is there to be done?

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Angelo Brams wrote: Hi Aufelio! Actually you gave too few details to provide you with sound advice ) I think it greatly depends on ...


Online dating as an answer to the increasing divorce rate

For more than a decade, raising the divorce rate has been a problem that seems to be no solution....

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Divorce breaks up families and makes children unhappy. My sister got divorced 2 years ago and now her 5 year old son Luca is growin...

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