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January 2012 Rss

Hi, I had my first little boy on 2nd Jan at Mater Brisbane. I am still getting use of being a mum.
Hi ladies just a quick check in, bad week last week dd1 got gastro which seemed to last for days!! An once she was finally over it hubby and I came down with it simultaneously! Neeedless to say looking after a 2 year old, new born and of-course the other baby(DH) when your body is emptying it's entire contents is not fantastic! Lucky only lasted 24hrs for us! I don't think talia has caught it and hopefully won't! ( the wonders of bf!)
Needless to say we haven't got her injections done yet as we've all been ill! hopefully get them done next week,
But other than that she growing beautifully and is such a good girl,
Hope everyone else is coping well,
hi ladies! mia is now 5 wks old and doing fantastic! had last midwife visit yesterday and has now hit 5kg! and is 57cm long - she either has had a huge growth spurt or they measured her wrong (she was 49cm born). still got a bit of hormone rash on her face and chest but is started to go.

still persivaring with expressing and bf but only feeding on left boob as other side still sore but am happy im still giving her 100% my milk smile

sleep been going really well shes been goin down between 9.30 - 10 then wakes up at around 3-4am up for a hr then will sleep till bout 7-8.

booking her 6wk doctors check and injections next wk - hopefully shell be like her sister and not blink a eye at them blink

getting gorgus smiles now love those gummy smiles!
Hi everyone,

Crystal is 8 weeks today, it has gone way too fast, I want my baby back sad She is in 000 clothes now I was trying to squeeze her into her 0000 for as long as possible.
I put a lay-by on (for all my children) at target the other day, I spent a fair bit (and still have more to buy for my bigger ones) but I got the most gorgeous outfits for Crystal in 00 ready for winter, so that is exciting.

I have her immunisation booked in for the 20th (she will be 9.5 weeks) so a week and a half late but Dr said that is ok. I also have her 8 week child health check the same day.
Crystal sleeps from 8pm-3:30am most nights which is nice.

I hope everyone is going well and enjoying your babies.

Hi ladies
I'm Jo I'm 29 and just had my second baby Cruz on the 11th jan. he was 8 pound 6 & 53 cm. I also have a 4 year old daughter nouvel. It's been hard as my partner works away in and nouvel started prep so very busy!!! Cruz is not sleeping that much especially during the day any suggestions?

Hi ladies
I'm Jo I'm 29 and just had my second baby Cruz on the 11th jan. he was 8 pound 6 & 53 cm. I also have a 4 year old daughter nouvel. It's been hard as my partner works away in and nouvel started prep so very busy!!! Cruz is not sleeping that much especially during the day any suggestions?

Hey Jo smile wish i knew the answer to day sleeps, since about 6 weeks old Miss Tilly has only catnapped for 30-45 mins, she used to only be awake for 1-2hours in between but the last 2 days shes been awake for anywhere from 1-4 hours, then still only has a little nap, its driving me nuts!

How is everyone going?
Seems Tilly is really sensitive for dairy, ive had to completely cut it from my diet and man i am missing it!! Add to tht the fact she still feeds every 1-2 hours and im just about over breast feeding! I do love it but with the diet restriction, constant thrush we cnt seem to get rid of and non stop feeding im having a woe is me day today lol
Apart from that we are going great, had 8 week check and needles yesterday, cant believe she is 8 weeks old already!!

Trying to transition Tilly to sleeping unwrapped, she seems to prefer it but does sometimes wake herself up with her free arm, she was sleeping in a bubaroo wrap and she could get both hand up near her face. While they were still inside the wrap but was brining too much material near her face n worried me so neway hopefully she will get used to sleeping unwrapped soon smile she generally sleeps from 7/8pm-6/7am with 1-2 feeds in the night so cnt complain smile

Be lovely to hear how everyone is going! Does anyone who posts in here also belong to the fb group? I wouldnt mind joining but not sure who too add!

Hi Ladies,

I haven't been on huggies for ages it was nice to read how everyone is going.. I'm finding being a mum to 4 boys very busy so I don't get a lot of time to sit and check what's happening...

Noah is getting so big he is 11wks now it has gone so quickly.. He is happy little boy his brothers just want to cuddle and kiss him all the time. Noah is feeding better now and sleeping ok during the day.. It is hard when you are having to drag him along to drop off and pick ups but we are managing.. I am co sleeping with Noah so we get a good sleep overnight as he was not settling well back to sleep in the cot and I was getting too exhausted.

I am dreading going back to work my paid leave will end in 6wks so its creeping up closer now sad

Hope everyone is doing well i will try to drop by more often grin

Mum to 3 gorgeous boys...

Hi everyone,
hope you are all doing well haven't been here on ages! Wow our little miss is already 13weeks old can't believe that time has already gone so quickly feels like only yesterday we were welcoming her into the world.
Isabella was hardly sleeping at night till she got to 8weeks and now sleeps anywhere from 8-11 hours each night so finally feeling like am on top of everything well sort of at least anyway. During the day she will sleep anywhere from 1-2 hours were in a pretty good routine now she loves her play time and has started moving a little bit when on her tummy; so gorgeous to see all her smiles, sounds & new movements she does everyday! So in love with our beautiful baby girl & love being a mummy :wub

Cruz is not sleeping that much especially during the day any suggestions?

Hi Jo,

My little girl is 12 weeks and also sleeps for only 45 minutes during the day, so annoying! We have been trying to get her to resettle by spending 45 minutes to an hour with her, shushing and patting etc. The nurse told me that if she wakes up happy then she has had enough sleep so get her up. If she wakes up crying, spend up to an hour trying to resettle. With the shushing and patting she has fallen asleep a few times and stayed asleep, but mostly just cries then stops then cries and so on for the full hour. Going to persevere though as I'd really like her sleeping more during the day.

She was a terrible night sleeper so I was co sleeping for a while but we recently transitioned her into a cot by pushing the cot up against our bed and sort of replicating co sleeping. After a tough first night it's now going really well, she goes to bed about 6.30, sleeps for about 3 hours, has a night feed then sleeps another 6-7 hours, wakes for a 4am-ish feed then sleeps another 4.5 hours. This has worked really well for us. As she is now used to sleeping in the cot at night we are consistent and put her down in the cot for day sleeps too.

Good luck, hope the sleep improves for little Cruz.
Hi Ladies
Finally getting around to posting on this thread.
Our gorgeous daughter was born 12.01.2012 at 3:44pm via a planned c-section. She is a sweetie, smiles all the time at Mummy, Daddy and big brother.
Cazz smile
hello guys.. well it feels like its been forever since ive been on here...
well as you know, life is very busy with bubs .. Loving it a lot mind
William is 14 weeks and 8kg... im still exclusively bf and cant wait till we can feed him. (life will be so much easier) William still wakes twice a night but bed is at 7pm so i think that's pretty good... Most days he wakes 6 times in a period of sleep which is very annoying because i get nothing done.. but he does have one 1.2hr sleep somewhere in the day.. He is a great baby.. he doesn't cry.. thank goodness, my last baby was a big cry girl.. he just smiles and waits patiently for my attention.. And as for me... well im still tired but i just don't whinge about it anymore, i eat all the time.. so hungry and because i am holding bubs i eat the wrong things! My man and i don't seem to be able to get any time together so that's bothering us , my hair is falling out everywhere..omg.. so over that and of course im still the nasty one... lol.. Need Sleep. Well it was nice to read all the posts and i hope to read more from all who i followed throughout pregnancy.. till we meet again. lol nikki. smile smile
Hi, wow it has been ages since I have been in here, lol sometimes life takes over.
Everything is going really well with Crystal, she is such a good baby (apart from deciding after a couple of months of sleeping through in her own bed that our bed is much better and closer to her food)
My children are on school holidays atm and this is making some things easier but so much more work.
I had a really lazy day today (a pj day) but did a lot of housework so didn't really relax.
Crystal will be 5 months in 3 days seems like time is flying by and my eldest will be 13 in 6 days, she is so excited
I hope everyone is well.
Hopefully I will check in more often, I am a little lost with huggies as it has changed so much since last time I was in here
Cheryl <3

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