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To invite or not??? Rss

My DD is turning 8 in a couple of months. One of her best friends that she has known for a number of years is still having MANY toileting accidents at school, at home, at our house etc and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. My daughter has just said she doesn't want to invite her to her party this year because "she will have an accident and embarrass me again". Part of me want to say that's Ok sweety I won't force you, the other part of me wants to say that she should invite her as it's the right thing to do. I am friends with the rest of the family including her mother so could I explain to her mum what she has said and offer to take the 2 of them our for a special time another day?


Nice quality content but I noticed the pages load rather slow compared to others. Maybe you should look into this so other visitors wont get annoyed.
It's a pity. that no one has advised anything yet, we have a similar situation in the family.
Thank you for sharing
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