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That is a nice thing you are doing monica. I would like to share my story here too. I got married at the age of 29. Thinking that I don't wanna be late, we started ttc right away. I have had my fun and craziness. We were together for 5 years before marriage. It was time to settle down. In start, I thought it is just taking some time. But I'll get there. Keeping that in mind, we tried for almost 3 years. There were times when I would cry myself to sleep after seeing a BFN. Then the quest for fertility clinic started. To cut to the chase, Biotexcom was the one we landed on. Had a beautiful daughter just after a year with only one IVF. I don't know whom to thank, my luck or the clinic. But I am surely thankful.
Hi there Monika. How are you lately? I hope its all great. Really good to see people outting such nice posts. I am sure a lot of people will gain help. It'll motivate people by showing them people with similar issues. I hope people get the most out of it.
aww, bless you for starting this thread.although I've told my story before I will share it again.My name is Klina and I have been dealt with infertility quite harshly.It's a long story so I will try to keep it short.Back in 2016, I was pregnant with my first baby.Until I had a road accident and I lost him.I was absolutely devasted by the blow.There are still physical complications I have to deal with because of that accident.Then had to put the metallic disc in my back and hips because of the gap.I don't really know if they plan to take them out.Its like they are a part of me now.Other than that my ovaries and fallopian tubes also had to be removed because they were damaged.I have been trying to look for a solution.recently looked into IVF as a possible cure.Not sure it would work though.This feels so nice to breathe everything out.
let me just say thanks to all the ladies.For sharing your stories with me and other people.Honestly, they make me feel like I am not alone.If you are reading this just remember you are not alone as well.We will get through this I know it.Take care of yourself, everyone .You are stronger then the world cares to admit.Sending baby dust and love your way.
Hi Monika.Good to see you here.Actually, I really need some help.I am trying to conceive the baby, but dear there was always negative test.I am not much believing in one thing. Now, I am used to facing the tough time in my life.My fear is that if I had taken the surrogacy process.Should I completely and genetically mother of the child?I am feeling scared because there were possibilities to surrogate declare the mother of that baby.I really want to have my own baby.No concern with the surrogate in future.Hope you guys understand my fear.Hope I will receive the better answers.Thanks in advance.Keep going on all.
Hi Monica! Thanks for starting this thread. I strongly support your idea. Well, yes! It's just like that! I think you're right! It would really be great to get support and learn from experiences of others. So, yeah! I've shared my story here many times...Also had a lot of support from many ladies out here. As you all know me, I've been opted for an IVF procedure in upcoming June, due to my PCOS. So, yeah! Just wish me luck! What about you Monika? What's your story?
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