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Anyone due in May 2017 Rss

Hi all, I couldn't find any threads for May 2017 for Australia so thought I would start one smile
Just wondering if there are any others from Australia due in May. Would love to hear from other mums to be smile
Hi there, Congratulations! Though I am not expecting at the moment, I am a mom of an adorable 3 years old son. saw your thread and thought to congratulate you. Is this your first pregnancy? I hope you are keeping well and taking good care of yourself. Never skip your visits to doctor and from my experience try to stay as active as you can manage. join some light yoga classes or do walk it will help a lot. Wishing you healthy and safe pregnancy. Keep us updated here about your progress.
Hi, I'm due in may 17th.
I was also looking around for a forum to do with may babies, but couldn't find one.
I'm Jackie. Due may 10th. With baby 4. My older kids r 9,11,13 So I feel like a first time mum since everything has changed alot.

izacc,ethan and mya

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