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Miscarriages Rss

It is a very hard feeling to lose your unborn baby.
I have been trough this condition and i know it is very hard.
From my first marriage i had many complications while getting pregnant.
But later i conceived for 3 times and resulted in miscarriage every time.
Than i started looking out for the alternatives to have a baby.
Than i came to know about surrogacy.
I researched about surrogacy alot.
Than it came for the clinic.I looked out for number of clinics and i found a clinic with very good reviews about it.
So i consulted the clinic.
They are the best regarding surrogacy.
They will find a good surrogate mom for us.
That is the brief story of my miscarriage.
So at last surrogacy will be the treatment for my infertility.
Share your stories too.
I will share my surrogacy journey with you so you should have some idea about it.
I'm basically from Japan we are settled in Japan from past few years.We are happily married.I'm totally infertile now as i had hysterectomy cancer and as i result i am infertile now. But my husband was there with me every time. Than we searched about surrogacy and found it best solution for us.
As Japan has banned surrogacy so we moved to Europe to find our dream come true.Than we moved to Ukraine as we heard there are many good clinics regarding surrogacy in Ukraine.In Ukraine we found a clinic and consulted them.They helped us to find a good surrogate mom.Now she is pregnant with our twin daughters.We are very excited about having two daughters.We are so thankful to the clinic.The surrogates mom are kind they let us have our dream come true.
Share your stories too
Feel very sad.I can understand you feeling. I also go through this situation. I know how it feels like lossing a baby. But surrogacy is best opiton for you. My best wishes are with you to go for surrogacy. As it is easy way to become a mother.You would become a mother soon.Will pray for you. Lots of prayers.
Hey there. How are you doing? I hope its all good. I am glad to hear from you. It's great that you are going for surrogacy. It's amazing. I have been on this road. Surrogacy is really a blessing. I wish you get what you want out of it. I hope its all great. Be strong and hopeful. It will happen. I wish you good luck. Take care. Hoping to hear more soon.
Hey. I am so sorry for your loss. Really miscarriages are so hard for a woman. I have an experience with it. I had 3 miscarriages and after that, I was not able to conceive. I was so upset but I didnt lose hope. I went for IVF and it failed. I also went for the second cycle with no luck. I wanted to be a mother at any cost. In the end, I decided to go for surrogacy. I found a clinic in Europe. I went there and I found my surrogate in which the clinic helped. She was healthy and gave birth to a healthy baby. I am a happy mother now. I have no more worries in my life.
Hello. I am so sad for your trouble. Truly premature deliveries are so difficult for a lady. I have faced infertility for 10 years. I always wanted to get pregnant but it was in fate. I was so disturbed however I didnt lose trust. I went for IUI and it fizzled. I additionally went for the second cycle with no good fortune. I needed to be a mother badly. At last, I chose to go for surrogacy. I found a clinic in Europe. I went there and waited for my dream to come true. I met my surrogate provided by the clinic. I am a glad mother now. I have no more stresses throughout my life. I hope this will help.
Hi! Thanks for sharing your story on this forum. I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage and infertility. It is very difficult to cope with these things. Well, yes surrogacy is a blessing for infertile women. I had faced infertility for many years. Then I came to know about surrogacy. I had opted surrogacy and blessed with a child. Good luck with your future. Stay happy.
How are you paggie? reading your post reminded me of my time. I was 19 weeks pregnant when I had a miscarriage. After my miscarriage, I feel like I am lost. It was so heartbreaking for me. Cause being a mother is always dream for me. My husband tries to persuade me to try to conceive. At that time I was totally devastated because of that incident. After 1 year I finally got pregnant naturally. And now I am the mother of a baby boy. I am feeling blessed now because at that time I did not give up.
Miscarriage is the worst thing that can happen to us. It is like you get your happiness and then its snatched. It is exactly like giving the candy to a baby and then snatching it. I pray no one else suffers from it. I have been in this boat. 5 miscarriages and nothing worked. I was devasted. The energy and power drained in the whole process cannot be described in words. I decided to go for IVF then. I was an idiot to do so. I had no proper guidance and the clinic I choose just wanted money. However, it was unsuccessful. Finally, I came across this clinic in Europe. It did my tests and found out the problem. I was informed that my body cannot carry a baby. So my last resort was Surrogacy.
Another MC post. I just can't hear more.
MC breaks me so bad. I just can't hear such loss.
You women are tough. And this is one of the reasons that I often support for women who look for surrogacy. I am happy for you too. Just go for it girl.
Good to know that you find a clinic that responds positively to your needs.
Hope you have an amazing time and soon be able to carry your baby.
That's so important to have a good clinic with affordable prices. Thank you for sharing the details.
I would ask you to share your journey of surrogacy. It would be lovely to hear your progress.

Hey there. How are you? I hope you're good. It is an absolutely terrible situation to be in. I know, I've been in that situation too. I can really relate. It makes me feel really good that you've found the solution to your problem. I hope it yields success. Surrogacy really is the best solution. It's really safe. It definitely works, as well. Why wouldn't people go for it? Doesn't make sense. I hope it works for you. Good luck!
Hi, paggie. I am feeling so sorry for you. Don't lose hope. You will be another one day. Surrogacy is the best option for you. Even I had a surrogacy. And now I am happy in my life. I will pray for you. My best wishes are for you. Take care.
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