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Missed Miscarriage, Misprostol used to end pregnancy, and then failure to expell fetus Rss

Hi everyone,

I had a dating scan on Jan. 10, which I anticipated about 9 weeks. During the scan no heartbeat was found, and I was told the baby stopped developing at 8w1d. That night I used vaginal 800mg Misprostol to induce the miscarriage. About 3 hours after inserting the meds its started, pain, blood, and clots. There were 2 very defined plooping noises from the toilet, I figured that was my beautiful baby. Spotted for a week, and then everything seemed to be ok.

Jan 28 at 6pm i went into extreme labour like pain, very similar to the pain I had during labour with my first child. 5 hours later my body took over, and I knew what the push was when it started, and when i looked into the toilet, there it was, the baby. Since then, i have had a nice bit of cramping.

Has anyone every been in this situation, been diagnosed with a missed misscarrige, had a "medical abortion" that seemed to work, and then nearly 3 weeks later go into "labour"?? So nervous, waiting to get my bhcg levels back from the doc, but it seems like forever waiting.
A missed miscarriage is most often diagnosed by ultrasound before 20 weeks' gestation. Usually, the doctor diagnoses it when they cannot detect a heartbeat at a prenatal checkup. ... If you're less than 10 weeks pregnant, your doctor may monitor the level of the pregnancy hormone hCG in your blood over a couple days

Everything will be fine, dear. Try surrogacy to become mum quicker

Best wishes, World Center of Baby

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