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Planning for Pregnancy

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5 things you need to prepare yourself for IVF

IVF is an amazing technology that has brought joy to so many people's lives, but it can also...

2 replies

That's really amazing to read some of the best planning for pregnancy because it's help me a lot to understand this issue....


Omega-3 safe or not

I am in my 35th Week and feeling a little low in nutrition i wanted to ask that is it safe to con...

21 replies

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Another month bites the dust!!

Well my AF is due on Sat and I tested this morning BFN so I am expecting AF any time now!! I's no...

29 replies

Hello! I know that most commercial dust control systems work to lower the level of pollutant particles in your residence significan...


Factor v Leiden and pregnant

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has factor v Leiden and have had a successful birth. I am 17 wee...

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Ovulation induction - general facts

If you're using your own eggs during IVF, at the start of a cycle you'll begin treatmen...

12 replies

None of us knows what purpose of life is, I guess we will find out in the end and it will make us happy beyond impossibility. Run ga...


Implanon Removal, no period?

Hey everybody. My husband and I have decided we are ready to try and get pregnant!! I had my Impl...

1 reply

do you have a baby now? 1v1 lol


Merry Christmas from World Center of Baby team!

World Center of Baby team wishes a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. May...

5 replies

Thanks for such lovely wishes.


Regular periods but now irregular??

Hi everyone Hoping one of you can share some advise or maybe experienced something similar. So a...

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Hi, I Just wondering if any one need surrogate? I am a mother of 2 boys and have decided my li...

5 replies

I have a friend who is looking for a surrogate. She is a writer and mainly writes killerpapers. I would give your mail to her and s...

Dani Elle

Private or Public after Awful 1st Experience

Hello, after some advice please with public vs private care. My first child a couple of years ago...

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When should you give up trying?

When I was 17-years-old I had a miscarriage (unplanned pregnancy with then fiance). Since then I&...

7 replies

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How is an egg donor tested?

How is an egg donor tested? Can anyone have this experience the donor should generally be younger...

16 replies

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Can people share their earliest pregnancy symptoms please :)

Hi everyone. So, there are 2 reasons for my post. 1. Am I crazy to think I have symptoms at 7 o...

36 replies

I had my BFP yesterday 5 days late. I felt tired one day last week napped through most of the day. leading up to AF I had all the AF...


I'm probably just young and stupid

Earlier this week I got to see my beautiful god daughter but her family is turbulent but after se...

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Hi, my name is Bindi, i am only 17 yrs old. all my life all i have wanted to be is a mum and i ca...

7 replies

hi Bindi. i fell pregnant at 17 and had my son at 18. my partner and i had planned for him. my partner is also 7 years older than me...

Huggies Support

TTC October 2017

Are you Trying to Conceive this month? Join others on your journey!

7 replies

hi. im 31 now, our son is 13 in a month and i want another baby. i had implanon in and out for 12 years, but it came out in octo...


Faint positive lines

Hi everyone! I’m sure there is already a full forum on this but I just need some reassurance fro...

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6 1/2 month old and preganant!

Hi all, Just to let you all know that im pregnant with my second baby. My first daughter is only...

11 replies

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1 reply

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Multi Vitamin how early can I start?

Hii, We unfortunately won’t be able to try for a baby for another year due to my work I’m waitin...

2 replies

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15 months TTC and counting

Anyone else out there been on the TTC road for WAY too long? Would love to hear from you, or fro...

21 replies

I too am on clomid as well as metformin. I am on 100mg clomid taken on cd3-cd7. I am currently on cd14. I am trying for no.3. i conc...


You need help to GET PREGNANT? contact Dr Agbola on this email (

You need help to GET PREGNANT? contact Dr Agbola on this email (, It was an...

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TTC tips for older women

Hi Ladies, I've just joined this forum and seen a number of women older than me (44) have su...

30 replies

You need help to GET PREGNANT? contact Dr Agbola on this email (, It was an awesome feeling when i found out t...


Any Clomid success stories?

I have been ttc no 2 (have a DS) for 5 months following a missed miscarriage. Have just found ou...

8 replies

You are doing amazing work! Thanks for sharing your wonderful posts. I had unexplained infertility. I've got Clomid whilst wait...



The chances are, if you are trying to conceive you have become familiar with this acronym very ...

34 replies

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Home ovulation kits while breastfeeding

Hello ???? Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with using ovulation kits while breas...

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cost of pregnancy for international student

Dear Huggies, i want to know are there any chance for an international student with a medibank, ...

10 replies

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share your experience using donor eggs

Hey there. I'm really sorry to hear about your problem. Don't lose faith, though! A new...

14 replies

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Ovuclear fertility tester to sell :0)...

Hi, I have an ovuclear saliva tester to sell if anyone is interested for $20 and postage $5 as I ...

2 replies

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What Dead Sea Mud Mask Is Known For?

The Dead Sea mud is basically a naturally occurring substance that exists in different unique bod...

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TTC after ectopic

Hi ladies. In August 2019, I had an ectopic pregnancy. It went undetected by doctors, and ultraso...

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15 DPO, No AF, BFN! Anyone else?

Hi all. So I am a nervous wreck right now. So I've been using my Fitbit app to track my cy...

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The brand name Huggies

Huggies is the brand name of a dispensable diaper advertised by Kimberly-Clark. Huggies were firs...

3 replies

A quick comparison shows that these diapers provide all 12-hour safety, comfortable elastic waistband and leak protection. But Pampe...


Implanon Removal, no period?

Hey everybody. My husband and I have decided we are ready to try and get pregnant!! I had my Impl...

4 replies

i got my implanon out in October of last year and my period is only now sort of settling down. i had it in for 12 years though. but...


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Huggies Support

If you could give one piece of advice to someone starting IVF, what would it be?

IVF is a great option for many couples, but it can be a rollercoaster journey. If you've bee...

2 replies

If you work, definitely tell your boss. You will get sick from the medication and you'll need time off after the egg retrieval ...


Thinking about trying after a stillborn

Hi lady's It's been 6 months since we lost our baby girl at 39 weeks in February. I wo...

4 replies

I'm so very sorry to hear about your little girl... I can only imagine that losing a baby at such a late gestation must be abs...

Chickadee peanut

Ivf cycle failed

Well I just feel like I'm on a merry go round and can't get off.. We did our first roun...

8 replies

Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that! Wishing you all the best for next time !


signs and symptoms of being pregnant?

hello everyone, My son is nearly 8 months old and I beleive that I'm pregna...

14 replies

Hi Sandra, I know of people who have had to do pregnancy tests up to three times over a week or so before it finally showed a posit...