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Hope I'm pregnant Rss

Het there. I understand what you must be going through. Trying to conceive, with no positive result is very frustrating. But do not lose hope. Also, I read somewhere that stressing too much is not good either. I really hope the test is positive. We are all praying for you.
Hey Christine. Don't be worry. Everything will be fine. I can understand your excitement level. Have some patience dear. I know its frustrating to see negative. But dear everything takes time. Give some time to yourself. Don't be stress. As taking so much stress can destroy your health. Take much care of yourself. Waiting to hear a good news from your side. God bless you and your family
Hello there. You have to stay strong. Things will be fine very soon. I know you'll deal with everything. Make sure to take a wise step. Love for you. Take care.
Hi, I can understand what you are going through. It is a pretty difficult decision for you to take. but do take it. It will be very much helpful for you. You should go for surrogacy. It will help you a lot. I have known many people who had gone through this. I wish you all the best for your future. My friend living here had gone for surrogacy. Sheis so much happy because of it. Having your own child is the best feeling in the world I hope you choose the best thing for you. I wish you all the best for your future.
Please do not be in hurry. You have to take a test again. You will come to know the reality after that. You are a very strong lady. You can manage all the situation. You have to just take your checkup soon. After that, it will give you the news you want. I will pray that you get the best results.
It is not time to be depressed or puzzle. You have to be confident as well. You need to think positive. And also you need to make a good checkup for you. I hope you will be blessed with a very nice news. But the thing is that. You just try to do it as fast. You should go to the best gynecologist. And take the test according to it. Good luck.
hey there! I think you are right. i am really happy that you had a baby. it is great that you are going for it again. i hope it goes well. you should take care of your health. you over all health affects the most important secretions in your body during this period. you should stay positive. and engage in activities that will help you stay positive. and you should look for a good diet plan that covers all foods in it. try doing yoga. consult a good doctor and make sure you are following everything he tells you. slightest mistakes can cause big accidents. so stay safe and stay blessed.
hi, hope so you are doing great. Don't overthink. All will be fine. Stay positive and happy. Think positive all will be fine sweetheart. Don't lose hope. .Go for the checkup in some good clinic. In Europe, there are best clinics. The treatment is not costly there. Consult a good doctor. Fingers crossed. Hoping you get a positive news. My best wishes are with you. Surround yourself with those who make you happy. My prayers are with you. Lots of love.
Hi there! Don't worry. Everything will be fine. I know its a big thing for you. Don't need to be frustrated. But you have to be patient. Stay strong and have faith in yourself. I am sure a happier time will come soon. Maybe the next test comes out to be positive. I understand that you have waited for a lot and now you are tired a lot. But have patience. Keep trying. You will have good news soon. Our prayers are with you. Just hope for the best. Keep your hopes high. Good luck.
Hello there. How are you? I am 43 years old. I have been TTC for years. But I am going for surrogacy now. I know how you would be feeling now. So sorry for your pain. There is nothing wrong with opting assisted reproductive technologies when you feel nothing is going to work for you. These procedures often cost high. I would suggest you look for places where conditions suit you better or are in your favor. Some fertility clinics also seem to provide very reasonable packages. Stay positive. Don't lose hope. I hope you have good news. Love.
Hi Christine, No need to worry at all. It is good that you are already a parent of a healthy child. And it will make many chances for again. That your child was conceived naturally. I will appreciate you for your effort. I know it is not a good feeling to wait for the pregnancy after trying for a long time. It can make a person frustrated. But the thing is you have to take all the decisions about your next child very carefully. There are many clinics. But you have to choose the best clinic. You have to do it for your child and your health as well. I have listened about the best clinic and the best doctors. They are opening a session of consultation in the UK. it will be on 18 and 19 of the August. You can take an appointment with them. Hope you will be satisfied.
Dear Christine, Yup we are fine. It's good to hear that you have a child of 12 months. I am very happy for you. Many more congratulations for this blessing. This is such a very great news for me. And I am also glad that you have shared it here with all. I can also understand your wish. You said you are trying for another child as well. Yup, you can do it. But the thing is that you have to consult the best one clinic. There are many clinics who are destroying the health of mothers. I can guide to in this way. As yesterday I have come to know about the best consultants. They are going to the UK on 18 and 19 of August. You can take more information by search about that. I hope you will be soon blessed. Just try to take appointment from them. Good Luck.
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