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Hello darling. How are you? surrogacy would make you able to have a surrogate to carry your baby. So I believe that there would be no issues of the age. And you would have your baby safe and sound. Good Luck.
43 years of age and 13 years of TTC must be a tough thing to fight. You are crossing a very narrow bridge. There are chances of tumbling down the bridge at this age. Many women do not conceive when they reach this age. As you have taken the things realistically hence you are not wasting your time in further attempts. Choosing surrogacy is a great decision. There are number of surrogacy clinics working all over the world. You can choose any of these without having any problem. Just do some search and you will see that a list of clinics appearing before you. You can choose any of the following based on your personal ease, financial status and above all the consumer reviews.
You are really trying to be a great sister. You want to set an example for your sister that surrogacy is a real treat for her in her infertility. It is not an easy thing to understand. Many women feel that it is not worth having a baby from someone else. Let your sister listen to the moms who have gone through this. Show her the videos and articles related to surrogacy. Besides you there must be someone else too who has experienced the surrogacy thing. I hope that together all this will make a difference. Above all this it is important to understand that instead of being deprived it is better to avail an opportunity that is present.
hey there! I hope you are doing great. TTC is a very hard time for a woman. she has to suffer a lot. there is a lot of environmental stresses and hormonal imbalances. these things lead to negative thoughts and swear mood swings. during this time what a woman should do is try to relax and meditate if possible as much as she can. eating healthy is a big part of the whole. it's good for the baby and very healthy. I miscarried twice so I know all the odds. I went for surrogacy, moved to Ukraine for it. the clinic was amazing the staff was very encouraging. I am really thankful for all the love and support I got from the husband. I hope it goes well for you all.
Hi dear. Really sorry to hear about you TTC. You should have gone for other options. I know it must feel really bad. I know it's not easy. It's great that you are going for surrogacy. It's really a great choice. I hope you stay strong during it. I hope you get what you want. I have been on it. Surrogacy is really great. Take care. good love. I wish to hear more soon. Love and support. And prayers too.
Hello darling. How are you? I am so happy to see that you are starting your journey. I hope you have a beautiful baby. I hope you have all the happiness. Take care. Love.
Oh, that is something difficult to handle. TTC is a tough journey indeed. It requires lots of courage and patience. I empathize with you on your losses. Surrogacy is such an amazing option to go with. I hope you will have your babies soon. Sending love and wishes to you. Baby dust on your way.
You are very brave I must say. You tried for 17 years and held your hopes high. I mean this is amazing. Not everyone is as strong as you are. I know that it's very hard to survive like this. Trying from long and resulting in MCs is not an easy thing to deal with. I am really sorry. I can feel your pain. I had 1 MC and I felt like my world has ended. But you have gone through even more worse times. But I am sure you'll get over this soon. It's due to the decision that you have chosen. Surrogacy is the best option when it comes to having a child if one can't conceive naturally. It has very high success rates. Just make sure to contact the best clinic for this purpose. All the best to you.
Sorry to know about your loss. You have been through some difficult situations. M/Cs are always difficult to handle. I hope surrogacy will help you. It is a wonderful option to go with. I wish you love and luck in future. Stay strong and positive. More power to you.
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