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For me surrogacy is blessing to all of us. Those who are trying to conceive from a long time. And not getting proper results. Many of people are criticizing this procedure. And many developed countries banned this process in their respected countries. I don’t know why?? We all know this is very helpful for those who are facing infertility problems. I know how difficult it is to face infertility problem for so long time, having no baby in your life makes you mentally sick some time. I am trying to conceive and finding the good clinics, for me surrogacy is the last solution to have a baby.
Hi , how are you ? I hope you are fine . It’s great to hear that you opt for surrogacy. It’s your good decision . I was also the victim of infertility. I was so weak that IVF can’t help me to have a baby. So my friends recommended me the clinic in Europe. i visited the clinics. They give me the best treatment with allot of respect .So I must recommend you to visit clinics in Europe. They offer less expensive treatments as compared to other countries . So you must go there . Trust me you won’t regret your decision . May you have happiness in future . Best of luck my dear friend.
Hy Paggie, How are you? Yes my dear TTC is indeed very hard time for women and it really breaks women down if luck doesn't favor her. Really sorry to hear about the story. You had gone through very hard time. This society really sucks sad instead of supporting women in these hard times they left her to cry. It is the bitter reality of this society. It's good that after the bad experience you finally met a perfect man for you. God is great. He tests his loved ones. I hope and pray you get the best clinic for your treatment. These methods are not less than a blessing of science. You will surely love your journey. Our good wishes and prayers are with you. God bless you. Cheers.
Hey Heller. How are you doing? Hope so you are doing good. I am so happy that people start recognizing this treatment. And now people are favouring this. This is so good for all of us. I totally agree with you dear. Only those can understand the importance of this concept who had this process. Or those who go through infertility issue. I hope people start recognizing effort towards this process. No doubt its helpful for us. Till now it changed many lives. I know a lot of people who had completely new life because of this process. So wish you all best of luck.
Hey Hellere! I hope you will be fine. You are right. I think it should be legalized all over the World as it seems effective against infertility. People have to move to other countries to avail this and to have their wish be fulfilled. Surrogacy taking a great step to eradicate infertility from the World and helping every couple to enjoy the life of a mother. People are not accepting it maybe it is against their religion or maybe they are unaware of this latest techniques. As the need for surrogacy is increasing day by day. I hope it will be legalized soon.
My support to you
Hello darling. How are you? Surrogacy is such a blessing. You could go for it. I faced difficulty in conceiving a baby and so I made my mind for surrogacy. I have seen many couples who are happy to have babies through surrogacy. I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. I lost my uterus because of that. I was once really despondent that I stopped trying on babies. But then my friends told me about surrogacy in Ukraine. I read more about it. Maybe i will go for it. I wish you luck. Take care.
Hi There, how are you? Hope you are doing fine. Sorry to hear about your losses. Infertility is really painful. I feel sorry for us after hearing that your husband didn't support you. Surrogacy is such a blessing for infertile couples. I suggest you to go for it. I am also an infertile. I can't conceive naturally because of my disease. Luckily my husband supported me at that critical moment. We decided to go for surrogacy. Surrogacy is illegal in many countries. A friend of my suggested us Ukraine. We consulted Bio texCom clinic for the surrogacy treatment. They found a good surrogate for us within time. I also recommend you Bio TexCom for best treatment. Wish you luck.
I am sorry to hear about your bad phase of life. I know it's not easy to deal with all this. But I am sure you'll get over this soon. Now you have a supporting husband. And he's ready to be with you despite all your problems. I'm sure he'll take you out of this phase. Be sure to refer to a good clinic for this purpose. My friend recently had a baby boy via surrogacy. It was totally successful. She had it from Ukraine. She was very satisfied with their treatment. She told me that their facilities were even awesome. They dealt with everything very smoothly and efficiently. I was really glad to see her so contented. I can help you if you need any further details about the clinic. I'm sure my friend can guide the best that she can. All the best to you!
hey there. how are you? I hope you are fine. I'm so sorry you have to struggle. I can totally understand. my sister is under surrogacy in Ukraine. before this, she was in so much depression. she stopped eating properly. we were so worried. I am so thankful we found this clinic. indeed surrogacy is helping many infertile couples. I totally support it. others should too. sending you baby dust. good luck hun.
hey there! I hope you are doing great. TTC is indeed the hardest time in a woman's life. she has to suffer a lot. but infertility and not being able to conceive is the worst feelings of all time. there are different processes like surrogacy and IVF that help infertile couples with having their baby. it is one of the best feelings of all, being a parent. and surrogacy is a beautiful process for women like me.

Hey. I read your thread. Infertility and MC… huff the harsh realities can understand the pain of yours Surrogacy is an amazing process. I also have a baby through surrogacy. But I faced many because of choosing the wrong clinic first, named as Adonis in Ukraine. They didn’t guide us properly. The management was so poor. I was totally disheart. Later I went to another clinic. and blessed with the baby. I wish you all the best. Good luck
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