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Am I the only slack mother Rss

That doesn't have a child enrolled in sports/gymnastics/dance/swimming etc??

I get made to feel like a bad parent because my daughter is not going to anything...

I honestly don't know how people get the time to do this. After school is just full on in our house. Getting dinner and getting the baths done, then bed time after dinner. It just doesn't stop until they're in bed.

On weekends... do parents really spend all weekend going to their kids sporting events?

What happened to family time and kids having time to run around the back yard?

No your not the only one.

My daughter is in year 1 and she does not do any extra activities after school. The boys are in pre school two days a week and again they don't do any other acivities.

Yes totally agree that after school by the time we get home do homework and dinner and then bed we don't have time for much else.

Much prefer my kids to be playing around outside when the weather is good after school with free play after being told what they have to do all day at school.

I was only enrolled in hockey then netball during primary school in NZ. My parents admitted to me a few years ago that they felt bad about it, but I never wanted to do any of it. I liked helping out on the farm when we lived in NZ and during high school I liked having my weekends free to do what I wanted.
That being said.. we are planning on enrolling our son into a few classes (once he's old enough) and let him pick which one/s he wants to keep. I don't think not doing any of them is bad parenting, like you said, family time and having fun in your own backyard is just as good. Most of my happy memories are playing with my sisters in the yard and going away on day trips with the family.
No, you are not the only one. Thought I was too until I saw this. My eldest has just started school and the other two go to preschool 3 days a week. With a DH that works shifts, homework and everything else, I feel thats enough for now! By the weekend they are exhausted and I prefer them to have some free time (playing outside etc)
we tried swimming in the january holidays.... dd hated it so much that I didn't want to force the issue. So we'll go with it when school does their lessons.

DD is very musically minded and can pick up tunes on her keyboard really easily. I feel like she should be doing lessons but we have absolutely no where for a piano or an electric keyboard.. I have mentally rearranged the whole house trying to think of how we can do it and there's just not a single spare wallspace.

I don't know. We've had some great weekends... a couple weekends ago we went for a drive to the next town and bought some old swings to do up. DD was helping me sand them in the shed this last weekend.

Probably just getting the mummy guilts because one of dd's rabbits died yesterday. I don't know why, it just did - the other one is fine. That and the fact that she still misses our dog dearly and I feel like that's my fault. I still miss her too. sad She'd really enjoy doing gymnastics too but I just don't see how we can!

We don't do any activities either. For 2 reasons

1: I don't see that it is worth the stress, when we have such a nice family dynamic going on

2: I don't see a need to enrol into structured activities that we can replicate as a family and on our own time with more individual freedom; for now at least but this may change when the kids are older.

Since moving house, and spitting out a 3rd bub I haven't had the time/energy/motivation to arrange any after school activities, however DD used to do dancing 1 night a week (2 nights leading up to concert time) and I'd take her swimming every Tuesday night as a special mummy-daughter activity.

She was the one that asked to start dancing and she absolutely loved it. I'm not into the whole costumes and makeup so deliberately chose a school that was more focused on the child and not the flair. It worked really well for us and DD got a lot out of it physically and socially. The trade-off was that we would often end up having take away to avoid a late night, but not all the time. Putting a meal in the slow-cooker in the morning / early arvo meant dinner was ready and waiting for us when we got home.

As for swimming, it was a good chance for DD and I to have some one on one time while DS was at kinder. I thought about enrolling her in swimming lessons, but they don't really teach anything she can't learn with me and she'd be missing out on that special time with mum.

I do swimming with the older two on Saturday morning. I think this is important as they are around pools, the ocean and rivers a lot! And they love it. At the swim school it has a small dance room. My DD saw the pretty purple ballet uniforms and now we do ballet at 4pm tues afternoons. I was thinking about something for my son (5 & 1/2 ), but everything I suggest he does not want to do. He is very sensitive and I don't want to push the issue. When he starts school next year and sees/plays the sports with his little mates, he might choose something.
We have always done 'extra curricular' activities. Started with swimming lessons when they were both 6 months old (now aged 8 and 3). DD1 no longer needs lessons as she is quite a competent swimmer (at both freesytle and backstroke) and finds structured lessons boring. DD2 is almost to the point where she can swim on her own without a flotation device (her swimming centre uses backpacks). DD1 also plays netball, they practice for 45 mins on Thursday and have games on Saturday morning. DD2 has her swimming lessons on Sunday mornings. At one stage DD1 was doing swimming lessons, netball and calisthenics (practice was 1 hour on Monday evening). She loved them all and didnt want to stop any of them, even though I thought it would be a bit much for her. As she gold older, she decided to give up Calisthenics and focus on netball.
I want to start DD2 at calisthenics at the end of the year, as I know she will love it and thrive at it. But when it gets to the point where she no longer wants to do it I'm happy for her to stop.

I think its dependant on your bank account and the age of your children.

Personally, with my parents having a swimming pool, besides reading to my kids, swimming lessons has been the only activity that is essential.

The kids come with me to playgroup so they interact with other children once a week, so you are definately not alone, guess its just a matter of opinion.
PAIRS wrote:
I think its dependant on your bank account and the age of your children.

Personally, with my parents having a swimming pool, besides reading to my kids, swimming lessons has been the only activity that is essential.

The kids come with me to playgroup so they interact with other children once a week, so you are definately not alone, guess its just a matter of opinion.

Have to agree with that! I wanted to take DD to swimming lessons but we have been super tight with money lately and its just not the cheapest thing to try and budget for on top of everything else!
But hopefully in the next few months i would love to be able to take her as she loves the water!
But i don't think its slack not to cause sometime its more fun at home with the things they love to do!

Looks like you're not the only one & I don't think it's anything to feel guilty about. Reality is some people's schedule's just won't allow for it.

Since I'm a SAHM & do have time to do a bit of extra running around & I don't mind at all. DD is 4.5yrs & outside of preschool she does swimming & dancing. She had 3 concerts a year for dancing & that's the only time any of our weekend is spent on activities. She loves both activities & what can I say, I'm as proud as punch watching her so it's worth it!

2yr old DS was in swimming but wasn't enjoying it so pulled him out, I might try again in 12mths. I would love to get him into little athletics when he's a bit older too.

I wouldn't say my kids are "over scheduled" which is a term I see thrown around a bit in regards to kids & their activities. Outside of DD's swimming & dancing she still has plenty of time to play, it does only take up about 3hrs a week (including travel time etc)
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