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School canteen and lunches.... Rss

I was talking with my hubby a few weeks ago, not entirely sure how the subject came up - maybe I mentioned how once DS goes to school (in abot 3 or 4 years time!!) I'll have to be up making his school lunch as well as DH's work lunch. Anyway hubby said "Oh, he can just buy something from the canteen, you don't have to do his lunch". I was sort of surprised by that and told hubby, no he'd have his lunch made & I mentioned that when I went to school, me and my siblings were only allowed to buy lunch once a year & then I found out hubby and his siblings bought lunch from the canteen once a week. I'm sure that that would have all added up in costs for my MIL, and I'm sure that that has obviously influenced my hubby's thinking that it'd be ok for DS and any future children to buy lunches rather than taking their own, and I have been influenced by my parents.

Now, just curious.

When your child or children go to school will you pack their lunch or will you let them buy whatever from the canteen?
What did your parents do when you went to school, packed lunch or bought?
AND do you think your decision of what you'll do with your child's school lunches has been influenced by your school days?
I plan to pack their lunches most days, & make use of the canteen maybe once a fortnight-once a month.

When I lived with my mum, thats pretty much how often I got a canteen lunch.

When I lived with my dad, I dont remember having a packed lunch, & didnt always make healthy choices at the canteen either (high school days)
I pack my sons lunch every day, he has a lunch order (from the canteen) once every fortnight. i'll do the same with my girls too.

When I was at school, I always took a packed lunch and got a lunch order every Friday.

I guess my decision is slightly based on my upbringing, but also it's pretty much the norm where I'm from. Plus, the canteen food isn't as healthy as I'd like - I like to know what my kids are eating.
I'll be making lunch for them each day. As he gets older I might let him get something from the tuckshop once a fortnight. When I was a kid we hardly ever had it!

Mostly packed lunches. Some mornings are just a rush or I have nothing for lunches so I'll let them order, not really a regular thing, probably just every few weeks. I write out the order so I know what they're having and the canteen isn't too bad where my kids go and it's only open 3 days each week anyway. On Wednesday's I'll sometimes give them $2 each to spend on something after they've had their packed lunch. In winter they do hot choc at recess and milkshakes in summer for $1 so I don't mind that. When I was at school we didn't have a canteen but we could leave an order at the corner store and the owner would pack it up and bring it to school for us to collect at lunchtime. I was allowed to order once per week and it was either a pie or sausage roll, not like the options my kids have now.
When I was a kid a lunch order was a special treat... Once every 3mths if we were lucky!! They're just so expensive and mum was very particular with what we ordered! It had to be a healthier option! Usually if she was running late and busy on the way to school she'd get us our sandwiches from the bakery and a juice box or something to add to the fruit or snacks she'd packed us! smile
I think the only time she really let us get a lunch from school was mostly for sausage sizzle fundraisers smile oh n we got change during summer heat waves for icy poles or something! The cheap frozen treats we had were like 30c each back then - like frozen cordial/fruit juice in lil bags it was - a hit with all the kids lol. Everything's dearer nowadays :/

With my kids I plan on making them a lunch every morning! It's not that hard and I'd rather no what they're getting/eating each day. Canteens have improved their food choices since I was in primary school but I still think they won't even get them as a treat til they're older like yr3-4 and up maybe... The only allowance of make is if they had a sausage sizzle or fundraiser or giving them some change to get an icy pole in summer! X

When I was in school I got a canteen lunch once a week. Keep in mind that that was when u could get a cheese toasties for 50c. When dh went to school he got canteen lunch everyday.

My children will be lucky to get canteen food once a fortnight unless their school provides healthy and cheap food.

My decision gor my children was not influenced by my school days but by my striving to avoid the poor eating habits ingrained into dh and. I by both our childhoods.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

Dds school only has lunch orders on mondays and fridays.
She only started this year and has only had a lunch order 3times. Some of the kids in her class get them twice a week but she knows they are a special treat. Its also healthier to take it from home.

when ds1 started school he would have a lunch order on Fridays but now 6 years and too many $$$ later they get one on the 1st or last Friday of the month if I remember.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Im not sure if my local school has a canteen or a tuck shop. Our child is years off going to school.. like 5 years ( its not even born yet)

When I was younger we would get it once a week at primary school and high school was every day.
My daughter is in prep this yr, up until maybe May? She had never had a canteen lunch, I make all their lunches (sandwiches) on Sunday and freeze them and take them out the night before and pack into their lunch boxes along with all the other bits and pieces - because I did that - I never had a 'day' that I wasnt abl to/didnt have time to make lunches but I have no decided once a fortnight I will only make 4 sandwiches for her (and 3 for her brother in kindy) and then she can choose the day she has canteen (tuckshop).. she'll tell me and then I'll write up her order,

She gets some input but if I dont like her request I can always change it to make sure she is eating a well balanced lunch meal.. The only real treat she loves to get is a slushie so on occassions I'll agree to that with her order. It all goes into a brown paper bag with the money inside and goes into break specific boxes that are taken to the tuckshop when class starts..

As she is in Prep, she isnt allowed to go to the tuckshop during lunch breaks (they cannot wander the school unsupervised) so until next yr she cannot take spare change for a treat so I figure this is my way of her doing something a little different but by still knowing exactly what she ate and feeling comfortable that she is eating well at school even if I didnt pack it LOL
The tuckshop is pretty cheap and has some good healthy foods as well as some junkish style ones.. eg you can get great sandwiches/wraps as well as nuggets, nacho's, chicken strips, wedges.. They offer fruit & muffins as well as juice, milks and slushies..

Madison Jade 28.08.06 & Kobyn James 20.06.08

I had tuckshop at both primary & high school.... I was going regularly in highschool, most days to get lunch! but I would always make sure I had a decent, relatively healthy lunch - no lollies etc more a roll or something.. maybe chips if it was cold.

Madison Jade 28.08.06 & Kobyn James 20.06.08

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