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Hiya, I’m due in about 4 weeks are starting to freak out about labour and the life change. I rationally know things will be fine but don’t know other pregnant women in Christchurch to talk to and can’t find any mention of groups on Facebook or online. Would love to know that I’m not the only one freaking out??
Congratulations! You are not the only one freaking out! I was totally freaked out too when I was about to have mine.. she is now 3 months!
It's more the anticipation. I would strongly recommend getting as much rest as you can until your due date. It's the most surreal experience you will ever have and life after is challenging but totally worth it!
All the best for your little one smile they truly are a bundle of joy!
Hi there, it’s totally normal t have moments of uncertainty and anticipation for what is to come. Just wondering if you have had your bubba yet?
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