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Hi. I have to contact you on the grounds that my companion needs to begin her family yet her sign...

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in depression

Hi everyone.It's really hard to explain. In desperation, we let that sweet baby boy scream a...

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What should I do?

Hi there. I just got the reports back. I am pregnant. I just got married. We weren't activel...

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Hey Congratulation.One of the hardest things women face when pregnant is the toll it takes on their body, and the physical changes t...


Cesarean in public hospital using own obstetrician

I just got a call from admissions for my c section and she told me I can't go through the pu...

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Thank you this will be my 5th c cesarean so I'm a pro now ????


Need Help

Hey everyone, how are you all? I am new on this forum. Please tell me how to deal with PCO's...

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Hello ladies. PCOS is one of the infertile problems that many women do go through. I know quite a number of women who are mothers ye...



Hi there! I'm just wondering if anyone has had any success on Clomid? Or any info about oth...

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Hi there dear, how are you. It's really good that you have one child. Most of the people having problems while having their fir...