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Amyh21 replied to topic Ovarian cysts and pregnancy

On Christmas eve I was admitted into hospital because of some decent bleeding I had and I was 12 weeks pregnant at that point. Turns out it was an ovarian cyst which had also developed a hematoma. ...

Sunday 16 August 11:26am

Amyh21 replied to topic Breast Pads?

I like the Johnsons disposable for their shape the best. Under clothes it doesnt look weird and has a nice indent where the nipple goes. As someone with large breasts & oversupply/engorgement, ...

Monday 10 August 12:33pm

Amyh21 replied to topic Lactose overload

Agree completely with Fudge8, you might be making too much milk. I'm 9 weeks in and still have an over supply. I found it helps her if I feed her from one side only until I feel empty before c...

Monday 10 August 12:03pm

Amyh21 replied to topic Silent Reflux

I admit my girl (9 Weeks) isn't quite as bad, but she does have small reflux issue. There have been some days where I hold her all day as that is the only way she will sleep. It has meant the ...

Monday 10 August 11:36am
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