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barbsy replied to topic Implanon Removal, no period?

i got my implanon out in October of last year and my period is only now sort of settling down. i had it in for 12 years though. but i hoped i would be pregnant by now....

Wednesday 12 February 08:37am

barbsy replied to topic Concieving after Implanon

i had implanon in out and back in for 12 years, until i had it removed in October last year. we have been trying since. in the last 10 days i have felt like maybe i am pregnant but this mornings...

Saturday 01 February 10:25am

barbsy started new topic ttc after 12 years

so, we have a 12.5 year old and are trying for baby number 2 i have had implanon in, out, and back in, since he was born. i don't remember what my periods were like before having him, but w...

Tuesday 03 December 08:17pm

barbsy replied to topic Bathurst Mums&Bubs

where and when do you usually meet and for how long? i have gone back to work, but if im free, ill try to join you.

Saturday 01 December 05:48am

barbsy replied to topic Bathurst Mums&Bubs

penrith, at the bottom of the blue mountains. i had a mothers group there and it was just amazing. i would love to find one up here too. lachlan is 6 months on the 12th.

Friday 09 November 01:01pm

barbsy started new topic Bathurst Mums&Bubs

I just moved to Bathurst and am wondering if anyone knows of any mothers groups here, or if anyone would like to meet up sometime...

Monday 05 November 07:21am

barbsy replied to topic To Circumsise or NOT to circumsise

As the saying goes - "Like father like son." Or so to say, if DH is circumsised, DS should be, if not then - not. although i think its up to parents, even if DH is, bub doesnt have to. My bubba i...

Monday 05 November 07:11am

barbsy replied to topic walker

thnx! that sounds perfect!

Thursday 20 September 04:12am

barbsy started new topic walker

we really want to get DS a walker but our budget is limited. Hubby is not so keen on ebay, we'ld prefer to buy a new one. does anyone know where we can get one for closer to $50 than $100???

Monday 17 September 06:34am

barbsy replied to topic Cravings

maccas mainly. even though i hadnt eaten it for about 6 or 7 yrs previous to being pregnant. i went off eggs. they made me feel sick.

Thursday 13 September 09:55am

barbsy replied to topic P*****

if breastfeeding was the only way to bond with a child, no father in the world would have a bond with their baby. my DS had comps from about day 3 or day 4. we still tried breastfeeding for about 2...

Saturday 08 September 04:54am

barbsy replied to topic penrith mummys anyone interested?????

im at emu plains. although we will be moving to bathurst in january. i would love to meet up with some mums. i agree somewhere more central, not lollypops, its too expensive and my bubs too little,...

Saturday 28 July 08:40am

barbsy started new topic cracking ears

my 9 week old has dry cracking skin behind his ears. we dry them really well and the CHN said to put olive oil on it, but they are still the same. i think it might be hurting him a little because h...

Sunday 22 July 07:49am

barbsy replied to topic Support for mothers who can't breastfeed

this is awesome. i have been in tears a few times solely because i felt incompitent as a mother because lachlan is unsettled and refuses my breast. thank god for my partner who keeps reminding me t...

Sunday 08 July 02:39pm

barbsy replied to topic Day Sleeps - Daddy knows best.

i find that lachlan cluster feeds most days. we just gave up trying to settle him. if he's chipper we let him be awake on his playmat, if its grumpy we feed him, until he cries because hes so tired...

Friday 22 June 08:51am

barbsy replied to topic Combined breast & bottle

ive found nestle nan 1ha is good.

Sunday 10 June 03:02pm

barbsy replied to topic Alternating breastfeeding and formular

i have the same problem. lachlan is 4 weeks, but they have been hell for me. it refuses my breast, or just doesnt feed well. and doesnt settle. i really want to breastfeed and im doing everything i...

Sunday 10 June 03:01pm

barbsy started new topic young mummys near penrith

im 18, due in ten days, and want to know of any mothers groups in penrith/emu plains. is anyone interested in starting one??

Sunday 22 April 04:13pm

barbsy replied to topic young mummys

i turned 18 in february and my boy lachlan is due in ten days!!! its pretty scary, but we are so excited. i'ld really love to go to a mothers group with young mums. does anyone live near penrith/em...

Sunday 22 April 04:00pm
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