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I bought an GOI GOI pillow they were invented in Sweden to prevent and help treat flat spot, my son look so comfortable well his only had it since Tuesday cant see the result yet but i think you should give it a try.

He seems very normal he cried straight away which was a good sign the doc said if there was something wrong and they dont respond straight away it might mean they might injury their head. I was really freaked out cos when he was like 2 months my mum told me to make sure he doesnt roll off the couch cos it could KILL HIM..

Maybe you should ask the Early Childhood nurses they know more than GPs. My DS has always farted alot but I dont notice his fart to be stinky when he was on breastmilk.

Hopefully I could meet everyone soon as Im going for my P's on 19th Dec. Is so difficult without a car.

Thanks for your replies. I did take him to the GP and they said he was fine. But lately he seems very aggressive at time like actually screaming when he doesnt get what he wants. I dont know if that normal

He is 5 month and with my back turned for a few second he manage to roll and fell on the floor on his back, I heard a loud thump and turn to see him on his back crying hysterically, but was able to claim him in a few minutes. He fell from bed which was about 55cm height and onto carpet floor but the floor is quite hard due to its concrete underneath. He was smiling and babbling in no time. I felt terrible and would never been able to forgive myself if anything happened to him. Even though he seemed alright I called Tresillian Family Care Center and they told me to go get him checked out or call the childrens hospital which I did but no one was there. Is it serious? Im very concern.. would he damage his brains or spine? has anyone been in the same situation? [Edited on 28/11/2007]

My son farts alot too and when my grandma baby sits him she constantly thinks his pooped himself but it was his farts. but his formula fed, when i first changed him from breast to formula he become very stinky his poo and everything else. I think when they are breast fed they should poo more often then once a week? did you ask ur doc if its normal?

[quote][b]Posted by:[/b] M.A.C. [/quote] This is not entirely true. My brother and I are 6 years apart and the only time it was an issue is was when I was in high school and he was in primary. I also know of a family that has 3 kids with around 1-1.5 year gaps who barely speak to or see each other. Kids will adapt to whatever age gap there is and I think whether or not they are close is more to do with personality.[/quote] That is only from what i've seem and my partners mum told me thats her biggest regret not to have them closer. and from all my friends that has siblings about a year apart bonds really well they really look after each other. Thats why I want my kids close, but of course it varies from person to person I have a friend whos sister is 9 years apart and they go everywhere together.

OMG that was exactly what I wanted to do.. I just had my first baby 15 weeks ago and in Labour i told my partner im never having another baby..but we always wanted two kids and i dont want the age gap to be too big 2 years max.. i reckon they wont bond as well if the age gap is too big.. my partners brother is 4 years apart and they seem so distant and i have quite a friend friends with one year apart and they are so close and thats what i want my kids to be to look after each other.. and few week after i am planning to have another baby hopefully a girl, but I fully planned it the age gap, the season and how old my lil bubi will be when i fell pregnant.. I plan to fall pregnant when my bubi is 9months old so they will only be one year and a half apart bcos when his 9 months he would be able to walk soon and then its easier to be pregnant and look after another. and its better to have baby in summer then winter cos you always worry that its too cold and when they are so fragil...

I totally agree with you men are so aggravating, my partner is a contractor and he goes to work around 5;30 get home around 5 and is always tired and sleeps so early and he thinks that i have it easy just cos i only have to look after our son. He goes he would swap jobs with me any day, yet when i needed to go out shops with my friend to get somethings for our sons baptism and he was supposed to call the resturant to book and when i got hom 3 hrs later he hasnt done anything not even call the resturant and said he hasnt had time cos he was too busy looking after our son. he could even do it for 3 hrs and he thinks its easy for me to do that 24/7.