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A trampoline, swing set, cubby house, plastic (red/blue/yellow) climbing thing, slide, bikes, scooter, balls, bucket of plastic animals

Hi my DD1 (now 8) didnt walk until she was 19 months old. She was very much like your DS, although she crawled from around 8 months. With her it was just a confidence thing,. She would furtniure cruise, hold 1 finger and walk, but as soon as I let go, she would take a step or 2 and sit down, or crawl. There isnt really much you can do other than just encourage him. He will do it in his own time

Its good fun hey, especially when you're at home and a bit bored with the normal every day stuff

I'm in the Northern Suburbs too, but you already knew that hey

The same thing is happening to me too, very frustrating

I think it should be changed, I gave birth to a baby at 15 weeks. She was fully formed, just tiny (she fit in the palm of my hand). Becuase she was only 15 weeks, she was not registered with a birth certificate, which I wuold've dearly loved. I must say I couldnt fault the hospital though, they were really wonderful, they helped arrange the funeral etc. We named our little girl Chloe. Whether she was 15, 18, or 20 weeks she was still my daughter that I gave birth to in hospital and didnt get to bring home.

People with health care cards already get education maintenance allowance to help with school fees/costs.??????????????never heard of this!!!! Just becuase you have a Health Care/Pension car doesnt mean you already get help with your school fees/costs. I'ma single parent, I work 4 days a week, I earn to much to claim PPS (Parenting Payment Single), I have a Health Care Card (Just changed over from Pension card) and I dont get any help or assistance to pay for my daughters School Fees. Its not a given, School Card is assessment on what you earnt in the last financial year, and if there ahve been changes since that, what the new circumstances are, its not just handeded out willy nilly 'cos you have a HC or P card.

Thats correct, it isn't her real surname, it is a stage name that she uses, hence the palindrome

My daughter has a missing adult teeth, one of the 4 front ones at the bottom, its just not there lol the 3 teeth fill the gap nicely and you can't even notice it, unless you actually no about it. She had an x-ray that confirmed it, and also to check to make sure there were no others that were missing (thankfuly there aren't). Her two top teeth took ages to come down, and looked a bit wonky and weird for a while, but now that they are all the way down they are nice and straight

i bought mine for $140 with 3 games (Cars, Disney Princess and Toy Story 3) - all brand new still in the plastic from an Adelaide Facebook Group called Tot Shop, so it defiintely pays to look around. I have kept the 3 games aside for either xmas or her next birthday. I saw the 3 games in Myer the other day on sale for $35 each (normal price $50), so I def. scored a bargain.