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hi, i was induced at 38/39 wks due to my waters had been leaking and i wasnt having any contractions. tryed the gel 1st in the morning did nothing then at 4pm was put on the drip and wham i felt those contractions! i tryed gas hated it (got the giggles then made me dizzy lol). had to be on the bed 90% time as had the monitors straped to me - i think it made pain worse then got a epidural at 7cm dialated but only just local put in as was enough to relax me then started pushing. pushed for 1 1/2 hrs my little girl had her hand up by her face didnt help! she was 8lb 9 and 54cm long so was happy i didnt go overdue! all up 7hrs active labour so not to bad. being induced is harder but if its to keep u and baby safe its worth it. im due in jan with #2 and want to go natural this time but if there was a medical reason why i had to get induced it wouldnt bother me. but if you can handle waiting longer and bubs is still happy in there do what you want dont let them pressure u into it! (a frie...

i was 18 when i had DD1 never had any stretch marks before was sz 8-10, i put on 20kgs was doing fine up until around 32 wks or so if i can remember right and wham got them on my boobs, hips, thighs and around my belly button! i was slack though only put palmers cream on every now and then! personally i think its to do with your skin and genetics, if u going ta get them u will. so far this time round havent noticed any new 1s yet just the same silver/pink ones im 21 this time so dont think age has much to do with it!

thanks for your advice ladies, yes i live in nz in whakatane - we dont have a birth centre here just the hospital which only has 1 birthing pool (part of the reason why i was thinking bout home birth ). i want DH to be comfortable and enjoy it too so he can support me without worring bout anything. im not 100% set on homebirth i dont have set birth plan or anything like that - i just go with the flow so to speak! with my DD i didnt get the chance to do the things i wanted to because of being induced so i guess another reason why im looking into it. rosie mumma i hope i have quick birth!!

hi there, needing a bit of advice! this is really a bit of a vent for me so sorry if its long! last night me n DH were lying in bed and talking bout what i want to do for birth. im really wanting to give home water birth a go and try do it natural. (i was induced with DD1)but all of a sudden he says thats he doesnt like it at all and is not going to change his mind about how he feels about it, but that if i want to do it its fine. his reasons for this was that he thinks hospitals are safer, and has all the worst scenarios in head like me and bubs die, bubs dies, or i die (dramatic i know) will happen if we have a homebirth. i tried telling him that that hardly ever happens and can easily happen just as much in a hospital. my DH has a very strong mind set and when he thinks he knows something hes always right.he also doesnt understand why i want a water birth either. he kept saying about a epidural aswell even when i told him that i want to try doing it all me no drugs. (i had a ep...

DD1 was sore boobs like nodrog were really sore! morning sickness straight away before we even took a test! DD2 sore boobs not as bad as DD1 and nausea but again nothing like DD1 and missed period with both

hi ladies yay just 9 1/2 more wks left to i get to meet my wee lady! feeling huge n tired and hot arrgghh not overly looking forward to this summer heat. finally bought something for bubs today feel slightly more organised ( got a evenflow capsule & base off trademe only yr old so good bargain!). saw my MW last wk bubs was head down (got to feel her head aswell!) so hope she stays like that! asked MW if she thinks this lil one is gonna be not so little - DD was 8lb 9 n 54.5cm long - she said shes probly gonna be long too probly as bubs was lying with her back straight so shecould feel how long she was already. hopefully she wont be too much bigger than her sister fingers crossed! getting so tired easy now, doesnt help my hips start aching after only a few mins of doing anything! cant beleive xmas is only a few wks away havent done any xmas shopping yet will be last minute more than likely! going to try start DD toilet training (dont have much idea how to go about it but we'll f...

hi there, im personaly not from that area im in bay of plenty but also due jan! have you gone to any antenatal classes? usually u get a coffee group outa them!

hi there, ive eaten them when there hot hot but dont touch anything thats just warm or been sitting there for ages. with my 1st pregnancy at about 34 wks my hubby n i got KFC for dinner (didnt cross my mind that it woulda been sitting in the heat thingys!) and i got food poisioning from it, hubby was fine but i got really sick ended up in hospital. i was throwing up that much i started having contractions and got to 2cm dialated. was in there for at least 3 days non stop spewing was awfull, luckily DD stayed put and was fine. so trust me just avoid any chicken thats been sitting there!!! (oh n i havent had KFC since put off 4 life!)

hi there, my DD turned 2 last month and im going to try start her potty training next wk but really have no clue how to go about it! we have a potty for her and whenever me or DH goes she goes and sits on her potty and reads a book (very cute) she hasnt done anything yet. we try get her to sit on it before her bath but its like a 3 second sit then she just wants to get in the bath. she sometimes will tell me when shes done a poo in her nappy but not before, il ask if shes done poos or wees in her nappy n shel just say no poos (even if she has). does it sound like shes ready to start or is to early?? i really want her to be out of nappies during the day before end as jan as im due for my 2nd DD then. anyone have any helpfull tips or hints??

hi, just thought id try get some name ideas from you other mums!! im expecting my 2nd baby girl in 11 wks and me n my hubby cant agree on any names that we both like. our little girl is called Olivia Rose so i want a name that will go nice with her sisters but trying to find 1 is hard hard!! i liked Sienna (still do) but DH is saying nope he dont like it (also after saying he did for a few wks - grr men!) , he likes brianna but im not too sure about it. any one have any suggestions for similar names??