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Surrogacy process!!

Hello everyone! I'm really excited, today. I'm writing this from Ukraine. I was schedul...

6 replies

Good fortunes on the trip dear. It must be so energizing. How's beginning and end there? Where are you remaining? I seek everyt...


it's happening!!

Hello everyone. How are you all doing? This is about my friend who is starting her IVF soon. So s...

11 replies

Hi. Any updates on your friend's procedure? I'm waiting with my fingers crossed! My sister wants to have IVF, too. As I ha...


Implant bleed or ovulation bleed?

Hiya just after some ideas while I wait to make a Dr apt for next week. My last 3 cycles have be...

2 replies

Thanks very much for your reply Am flip-flopping in my head about whether I think it could be implant or ov bleed last week haha. ...


Surrogacy abroad

HI, ladies! Just wondering if anyone is with me on this. I am off to our first appointment. We bo...

1 reply

Hey! how are you doing? I am a surrogacy person. though I haven't booked any of the clinics. But soon I would be doing that. so...


What kind of car do you drive?

I drive 2009 Jeep Wrangler

1 reply

I drive Honda Accord (2015). But not so long ago I discovered some weird vibration during the ride. I went to Tech Drive car worksho...