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Labour birth

Labour can seem like a very intimidating and scary time, but you can make empowering decisions regarding your labour experience.

Understand some of the best ways to deal with labour pain and learn about some options for dealing with potential birth complications. Huggies can help you prepare and answer questions you have about labour.

Giving birth

Your due date is approaching; the hospital is on standby; the car has petrol in the tank. Now what?

Huggies will guide you through the birth process. We can help you decide what to take in your “hospital birth bag”, tell you what to expect when your contractions start, and give you information on natural birth compared to a C-section.


Many parents believe that after the birth the hard work is done. Not so – the fun is only just beginning!

Let Huggies show you some ways to provide postnatal care for a newborn baby and how to care for yourself physically and emotionally. Find information about postnatal depression and ways to seek support and treatment.

Premature babies

A baby is deemed premature if it is born before the 37th week of pregnancy.

Caring for a premature baby can be difficult and time-consuming, mainly due to low weight and the potential for other health issues. Huggies has information to help you understand prematurity, the reasons for it and how to deal with it.

Childbirth stories

No matter how well prepared you are for the birth of your baby, things can take an unexpected turn.

You may end up having a completely different birth experience than you hoped for. Read these real life birth stories from other mums and find out just how different it can be for each woman, and for each birth.


Babies delivered by caesarean section, are not born vaginally but lifted out of the uterus through a surgical procedure.

The surgery is usually performed when a vaginal birth would put the mother’s or the baby’s health at risk (although there’s some controversy about the way that risk is assessed). Find out more about this childbirth alternative.


A home birth is a natural birth that is planned to happen at home without medication or medical machines, as opposed to at a hospital.

Although there are doctors that do home births, usually it’s a qualified midwife of your choosing that helps you plan the before, during, and for several hours after the delivery.

Multiple births

The reality is that multiple births carry an increased risk of complications for mothers and babies. From the time a multiple pregnancy is confirmed, planning starts for making the birth as safe as possible.

We’ll take you through having twins, twin pregnancy symptoms, week by week twin pregnancy development, how to breastfeed twins, and much more.

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