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More January 2009 bubs... + early Feb Lock Rss

Thought it was about time we started posting in here.

I'm from the More Jan 2009 thread in the pregnancy section, but anyone can join in here.

For anyone new...
I'm Kellie, 26, from Mount Isa QLD. Married ith a 2yr old boy called Dylan and my new baby daughter Emma born 15/1/09.

Emma is doing really well. A little sick at the moment with a snuffly nose, but handling it really well. She's a pretty good sleeper and has been really easy so far. It's her brother causing me problems at the moment!

Anyway, hope you all come join me in here. I don't get on here as much anymore, but I'll have to make the effort now I've started this thread.

Chat soon.

Hey Girls, be good to keep in touch.... I did go on the Jan/Feb 09 bubs thread but coz I don't get on here that often it was hard to keep up!!
Im Deb, I live in New Zealand, my baby Kate was born on 1/2/09 and I have two older boys Cody and Liam.
Kate is doing well and so far has been very content, we had our first hard night last night and couldn't get her settled until midnight - didn't know what had hit us coz she has been a breeze so far!!
Hey Lelia are you still Br.Feeding Eva as well as Thomas?
Its pouring with rain here today and I am hoping to do some baking.... whether that happens remains to be seen!
catch you later

[Edited on 20/02/2009]

Hi i am Jacqui I am married with a 22 month old DS Noah and my new baby Joshua born 17/01/09.
He is a good baby awake alot more then Noah was but not giving me to many problems. Noah has not been too bad. I just find he is very rough with Josh. He wants to play with him all the time but is finding it had to understand that he can't.

Hey girls, how is everyone? Hope all the babies and toddlers are behaving themselves.

Well, I can not believe it but Dylan is having a nap for the 4th day in a row after not sleeping for over a week. Last week no matter what I did, he just would not sleep. I ended up accepting he was not going to have a day sleep anymore and I was just putting him in his room and telling him it was rest time. He would just play in there for up to 2 hours and not have a sleep. (we have a gate on his door so he can't come up.)

Then wednesday and friday, when I went to get him I said put your toys away and you can come out, but he wouldn't so I left him there and he cried for a bit then went to sleep.
Was getting a bit late in the arvo by then though.
Today he was asleep in 20 mins. YAY

Emma has just woken up and done the hugest poo, so I;m going to give her a bath. Will finish this later.


Hey how are you all?
Leila you sure must be tired feeding two.... I can remember when I weaned my boys and couldn't get over just how much more energy I had!! Glad to hear I'm not the only one who feeds baby to sleep!!
Hey Kell speaking of huge poos, man Kate has done a few whoppers!! DH has encountered a couple of them... he he but yeh it sometimes seems the best thing to do is bath them eh!! Worst thing is trying to get the singlets over their heads without getting poo all over them!!
Kate had a way better day yesterday and slept really well last night, did two good stretches so I only had to get up to her at 1.30am and then she woke again about 6ish so today I feel quite energetic!!
Anyway better go get some dinner organised while shes still sleeping.... catch ya later....

Joshua is now sleeping till 3 or 4 am in the morning and Noah has started to sleep untill 6 am instead of getting up at 5 am. Noah no longer has a nap with I am getting used to but I am finding I am tired at about 2pm.
Joshua has just started drinking between 100 - 150 mil of milk in his bottle but only has 4 bottles. I am not worried because he seams happy and is putting weight on. He is so small compared to Noah He has only just grown into 0000 by and I think he will be in the for anothor 6 weeks at leats.
kitty - I use a dummy with Joshua but he does not like it much. He only likes it to go to sleep with. Noah loved his dummy and I also use them for reflux. Noah had it really bad and so does Joshua.

Hey all,
YAY familure "faces"!
For those who dont know, my name is Helen, im from Perth, Im 25, I have a son Ethan(30/12/05) and just had a baby girl Charlotte (05/02/09).

Well, im hoping you are all well. It sounds like all the bubs are doing pretty well, as is Charlotte.
My 3yr old doesnt have a sleep, but my hubby os home till the end of April so i can go have a sleep in the arvos if i feel i need one... not sure what i'll do with out him when he goes! He does so much around the place! (He works FIFO)

I was on antibiotics for a week cos i got an infection from retained products after having charlotte... we're just waiting to see if they have done their job or if i have to have a D&C. Only thing was the antibiotics gave Charlotte wind sad

We give her a dummy, to help her get to sleep when she can't get the wind out, and to try to put more of a gap between feeds (eg when we are driving in the car and can't stop).

Ethan has been so gentle with Charlotte so far its been great, touch wood he stays that way!
well, im typing with one hand cos im having a cuddle before Charlotte goes to bed. so i'd now better put her down.
We give Charlotte a dum

Hi Ladies,

I am from the More Jan 09 thread as well (i was Expecting No1 and have now canged my name) and had my baby girl Ella on the 6th January.

She is doing really well and is sleeping quite good at night. She seems to have gotten herslef into a routine and goes to sleep around 9-10 each night and sleeps for about 6 hours has a small feed for about 5-10 minutes and then sleeps for another 3-4 hours.

I am doing well and i have already lost the weight i put onthrough my pregnancy as i only put on around 10kg.

I better go to bed now and get some sleep!!


Hiya... hey helen glad you found us, I went on the other jan/feb thread but it had so many posts I couldn't really keep up, + its funny how we all know each other now eh!! Hey Kylie, I do remeber you to from our Jan 09 bubs as well. Sounds like Ella is being a good baby for you.
We had a bit of an unsettled baby last night, she has finally discovered she really can cry. I think she had a bellyache and it took us ages to get her settled, finally she went to sleep about 11.30pm then woke about 3.30 and again at 7.00 so once she was asleep it wasn't so bad! I think I will go and get a dummy today tho, coz when she was really unsettled she kept wanting to feed from me but then I think that just made it worse.
During the day we don't really have much of a routine. She normally wants to feed about 2-3 hourly and has a couple of awake times usually for about 1 - 1/2 hours in the morning and about 3 hours in the evening.
Oh and this morning just when it was feeling a bit like groundhog day with feeding, washing, schoolkids etc I got the first smiles so that was nice!! smile
anyway I really better finish folding washing hanging out some more and sorting out our house. talk again soon.

Good to see everyone making their way in here.

I don't seem to be able find the time to get on here much. Dylan is back to having his sleeps again. (fingers crossed) I need that time to get dinner ready and do some cleaning and other stuff.

Emma is only having one night feed which is great. She has an awake/unsettled time from about 6-9pm which makes evenings difficult when DH isn't home. And Dylan has 4 teeth on the way, so he has been a bit of a terror too.

I weighed Emma yesterday and she is 5kg. Was 3.6kg when she was born and will be 6 weeks old on thursday. So she is doing well.

She has started to get a bit spewy. Not large amounts, but usually after most feeds she will spit up a little. She only started it about a week ago. Anyone have any ideas why that would be?

Anyway, have to go do dinner while I have the chance.
Glad to hear all the bubs doing well. And Debs, yay for Kates smiles.


One more question... what sort of breast pads is everyone using? I've got the Avent washable ones, but I am leaking everywhere! Can't even get through 1 feed without having wet patches.

Joshua is having one feed a night now and Noah is back to having his day sleep. Yey I now have all 3 kis sleeping at the same time.

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