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More January 2009 bubs... + early Feb Lock Rss

Hello my lovely mummies!


I know i havent been on here for ages again, i just never seem to have any spare time to actually get onto the computer. How have you all been????

A huge congratulations to all the expecting mums.

Not a great deal has been happening in my end of the woods, just the usual stuff really. Matthew is completly loving every minute of Prep, he cries when its the week end coz he wants to go to school lol I'm still in shock that he turns 5 on wednesday, im wondering where time has gone blink Taliah is finally turning into a princess and starting to love barbie, actually obsessed is more like it. She's not a little tomboy any more and Riley, well he is just growing up way too fast and im not liking it one little bit! He can say heaps of words now, like........ dad, mum, tali (Taliah), bella (one of our dogs), bzzzz (buzz our other dog), nan, ink (drink), hello and y y (bye). Its so bloody cute! He has also learnt of his sister how to chuck a good old fashiond tantrum when he doesnt get his own way by throwing himself on the ground and kicking and screaming, gotta love kids lol.

All in all every one is fine here. I was having a mental breakdown thinking that i was pregga's again but im not so its all good lol. Dont get me wrong, i would love to have another one........just not yet. Financially we cant afford it until after neil has finished his apprenticship, so about another 18mths until i try to convince him its time for another lol.

Any way, i had best be off. Riley is cracking it and my house looks like a dump so i had better go do some cleaning and washing before i start work tonight.

Liz xoxoxoxoxox grin

uh oh Leila... I saw your f.b comment about beer in your wine glass and thought hmmmm wonder if that's why you were a bit careless and carried away with the moment.... Me and DH were really hopeless but got away with it for years, so I kinda felt like the chances of getting pregnant were pretty slim... but hello Kate, so DH has had a vasectomy now and no more worries, LOL. good luck hope it all works out ok for ya!!
I think Kate weighed about 10kg also last time she was weighed, she looks healthy to me, she doesn't have rolls but she does have quite a round face. Shes quite a picky eater, Im still feeding her, but normally only 2 -3 times a day.

Wow Jen, 18 weeks already, thats gone quite quickly. Youre not finding out what youre having are you?? Oh and you met Helen too - thats cool! Incredible really how we all connect thru computers all over the country and in little old NZ!

Well I have one more week left at home then I am back to work 4hrs a day! Im looking forward to it in a way but also not, I have decided to give it a month or two and if it sucks I will quit. Cant remember who asked where I worked but I am at the Hospital in the Social Work Dept. I arrange travel and accom assistance for patients when they get referred to other hospitals for specialist services that our hospital doesnt provide.

I have been taking Kate to a playgroup one morning a week and she's really loving it, so it will be a little sad not to be carrying that on.
Kate has had her first tummy bug.... not a nice experience, she vomited on tuesday night and a number of times on Wed, she hasnt been sick since but has been off her food and having the most hideous nappies! stinky and slushy!! Shes still not that happy, hope shes feeling better soon. DS2 got it as well but he got better in 24hrs.

Well thats probably enough of a novel for me. Are we going to change on to the toddler section now do you think?
catch you all later

Hey all

Been ages since I've been on here! Just read thru all the posts I've missed and now I can't remember any of them ;P
We've been super busy here. Went to Melbourne, Naracoorte, Beachport, Adelaide, Brisbane, Toowoomba, Brisbane, Darwin then home. Whew! Then my parents came up for a surprise visit, which was fantastic, but tiring. So, now we're settling back into home and some semblance of a routine and trying to sort out our house. Haven't seen DH in a while, but he is home on Sunday hopefully, for almost a week! Can't wait!! Its hard cos I want to spend all the time with him and maddy, but also need to do lots of things that I can't do with Maddy. Desperately need to go to the hairdresser!
Anyhoo, enough about me grin
Little Miss is wonderful. Everyday I tell myself I love this age. I think I've been doing it for months lol. It just gets better and better. I love all the new words and the look on her face when she discovers something new or is able to repeat a new word. I was counting birds in her favourite book this morning and she repeated one, two three as I said it. Sounded a bit like Wonn, Doo, Ree. Still very cute. Her speech is developing at a strange rate tho I must say. She went from using the same words everyday to not using them at all, to using full sentences, to talking gobbledeegook and now just bounces back and forth. Its weird! Is anyone elses bubs doing it?? It just gobsmacks me when she turns around and says something like "but I want to go get the ball" and then goes back to babble lol
Hmmm.. what else? Well, we have decided to start trying for no. 2. I am so excited, but not trying to be. If that makes sense. It took us nearly 2yrs with Maddy. So, didn't want to wait too much longer in case it was the same this time round. On that note... how are the pregnant ladies?? Helen & Renee you must be getting close? Jenna.. how did the scan go?
P.s the TTC is a secret so please no mention on FB grin ta
Hmm I seemed to have almost written a novel without saying much lol Must think before I write otherwise I just ramble. Well, best go. Have to go shopping, yay :/

Talk soon, hope u are all well

Jess & Miss Maddy


Wow jess, you guys have been busy!! exciting to be TCC... sending lots of baby dust to you and hopefully it doesnt take 2yrs smile
Kate is saying a few words, like shoes, cheese, yes, hey, stop and heaps and heaps of babble that doesnt make sense! You are right tho Jess this age is alot of fun. You sort of miss the baby stuff but then they are so much easier at this age!

Lelia about the vasectomy, my hubby had talked about one for a couple of years, but just never quite got there - to scared I thinnk! When Kate was a few weeks old she had a real unsettled night, he came home from work the next day and told me he had made an appt for one!! It was kinda strange to think that was it.... NO more babies, but at the same time I really did know we were done and if he was happy to do that it suits me, dont need to worry about contraception! In NZ its really common for guys to have them... I am not sure if thats the same in Aussie.

Well I dont have that much to post, just answering the last couple of posts. We are about to pop out to the shops, drop back overdue videos and library books! YAY!! Happy Friday everyone - and a long weekend too smile smile grin grin smile

OMG i have not replied for AGES!!!

What an umm interesting pregnancy! im soo over it! But only 5 weeks to go! Cant wait! Jarod is getting a vastectomy soon. not sure when, maybe when im a little closer to 30... it feels like im too young at the moment but we have decided for him to get one.

so whats been happening? first i got low iron... 3! should be 50! so double dose of iron tablets. which make me feel like crap! Then i got Listeria! Bubs is ok, i still feel like crap, after almost 3 weeks! on STRONG antibiotics, but htye are irritating my stomach and making me feel very ill, so i cant take the iron at the same time. im exhausted! i think cos my iron has gone down again sad Sooo over it! Jarod is home, doctors didnt want him to go back to work. hoping he can stay home next shift too. then he is off for 8 weeks smile

Charlotte is good, doesnt understand she will be a big sister soon, but i dont think we will have many probs with her other than helping too much! We are thinking of putting a safety gate on our bedroom door to keep her out while bub is sleeping... She is walking really well now. talking pretty well a few more words. but pretty quiet. tantrums oh she throws them VERY well!!! LOL

So are we going over to toddler???

Renee- how are you going? im so not organised! still need to sort bubs room out! sooo much to do! lol i worked out today we could have as little as 3 weeks but as many as 7 weeks to go! how fast has that gone!!! lol

anyway hope everyone is well sorry for the lack of personals. im exhausted! and cant remember anything!!!
talk to you soon xxx

Hi girls
How is everyone?
Check out my sig! lol
Right, I'll start a thread in the toddler section smile

SNAP!!! ;P


Lelia - WOW WOW WOW - I didnt see that coming!!!
Good luck to you and Jess smile smile

Hey smile

Leila thats sooo exciting!! grin Your last post sounded like you weren't going to have any more.

Helen, how are you doing? I saw your post that said you were back in hospital sad Are you feeling any better? Bub ok? Really hope so xx

As for us... bought Miss Maddy a potty yesterday. Explained to her what it was for and sat her on it and she did a wee!!!! Yay grin And again tonight! She did try this morning, but I don't think she needed to go as she was straining a bit. I guess its the novelty of it and the praise she gets tongue Not really sure where to go from here. I've been told to take them every half an hour or to let them go nude and wait for them to have an 'accident' so you can explain that that wees go in the potty not the floor. I think we'll just take it slow and maybe just try before/after bath and if she asks. How do you get them to recognise the 'need' to go?? Any tips Leila?

What else??? hmmmm...

Where abouts in the toddler section are we going to go??

Well, I think thats about it for me tonight. I am getting confused :/ Trying to write this and talk to 3 ppl on FB Too much for my tired brain to handle.

Hope all are well. Look forward to hearing from you all

Jess xoxox


Everyone over to the Toddler section!
Leila has started us a new thread.
It's in the top one "Your Toddlers growth and Development."

See you all there.

And Yay Jess. Exciting on both counts, the TTC and the potty!

Do any of the Mums from this forum still chat? If so, please PM me so I can join in! I used to chat in here aaaaages ago but sadly stopped posting when life just got too busy! Would love to hear how everyone's bubs are going.... I am especially interested to see if there is FB group where you girls might chat? Please let me know via PM!

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