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Teething out of order! Anyone else? Lock Rss

Hi everyone! My 7 month almost 8 month old son is teething again! He had 3 teeth before he was 6 months old ( 2 lower central incisor and bottom lateral incisor) now he is cutting a upper lateral incisor instead of the central incisors! It's driving him nuts! Nothing is helping him but he is not overly upset just annoyed..
Anyone else had babies teething all over the place? He has lip tie could this affect it?

Thanks smile
its not a serious problem . in some case this will happened . for your satisfaction you will go to child specialist
Like the lady said above, best treatments or ways to help are just cold flannels, even frozen puree/ice cubes, bonjela, panadol, and lots of love. smile
Hope he is happier soon.
My daughters 8 months and she has 8 teeth already she got them a while ago, so my best advice is if your baby takes a dummy have some stored away in the freezer for when baby starts to get sore. This helped so much for my daughter. Hope it helps
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