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January 09 toddler! Lock Rss

OMG Leila... going for a third! Wow! I had to read that a few times, I'm in shock! Hope it goes well for you.

It's late and I'm on my way to bed, but I just had to reply after reading that.

We've just got back from 3 weeks away. Had an awesome time, feel free to check out my facebook photos anyone.
Back to work monday.

Hope all you pregnant ladies are doing well. Can't wait to hear news of the new bubs. So exciting.

I really will try and post a bit more, but can't promise anything.


Well its been quiet on here for so long thought we could do a catch up...if anyone is interested smile


Nap time/s:

And for how long:



Waking in the night?:

Is your bub still bf/bottlefed:

If so, how many and when:

Newest word:

Favourite word:

Favourite toy/game:

Favourite food/meal:



Funny thing they've done lately:

Just copy, fill in and paste. And feel free to add anything else you'd find interesting. Looking forward to hearing from you all grin

Jess & Maddy xox


Nap time/s: Was 9.30-11.15 & 2.30-4.15 but think we're about to drop to one nap.

And for how long: as above

Bedtime: 7.00

Uptime: 7.00

Waking in the night?: nope

Is your bub still bf/bottlefed: bottle.

If so, how many and when: only first thing in the morning.

Newest word: Please (Yayyy grin ) sounds more like pwee though ;P

Favourite word: Hard one...probably a toss up between dog, dad, yea and bye

Favourite toy/game: Drawing. Throwing balls

Favourite food/meal: Fruit, fruit and more fruit grin Meal wise..anything chicken

Height: not sure, can't get her to stay still!

Weight: not sure, must do it tomorrow!

Funny thing they've done lately:

1. Having dinner and I asked if she'd like some more chicken. Instead of answering yes or no she looked at me, grinned and said 'bawk bok bok bok bok' hehehe

2. She was looking for daddy and when I told he that he was back in darwin she packed her bag and came and said bye bye. When I asked where she was going she pointed at the door and said car, Dad. Aww.. bless smile She even did a good job of packing her bag. She packed 4 nappies, wipes, toys, snack bag and her bunny(doesn't leave home without him). Maybe I should just let her pack it from now on lol.


Hey hows it going... found the toddler thread!! smilesmile thanks lelia!

Good idea jesse, interesting to read what they are all up to...

heres Kates...

Nap time/s: usually one nap a day - about lunchtime

And for how long: normally about 2 - 2 1/2 hrs

Bedtime: 7.30pm

Uptime: 7 - 7.30pm

Waking in the night?: sometimes usually about 5ish but always goes back to sleep

Is your bub still bf/bottlefed: bf

If so, how many and when: morning and bedtime. and if she wakes in the nite tongue

Newest word: baby

Favourite word: heeeeyyyy, nah, cheeeese

Favourite toy/game: singing and actions- twinkle twinkle little star, the wheels on the bus, hot potato hot potato. reading/looking at books. playing peekaboo

Favourite food/meal: mince, cheese, luncheon sausage

Height: 80cm

Weight: 10.5kg

Funny thing they've done lately: she hides round the corner saying sshh sshh, then she jumps out and says "raaahh".

she has a bad habit of emptying my knicker drawer, putting about 5pairs around her neck and then stroking them saying "preeettyy"

She blames others if she f*rts - points and says "na - you" - can have only learnt that one from all the boys in this house!! grin:-D

Wyatt is 18 months old

Nap time/s: 1:30

And for how long: 2-3 hours

Bedtime: 8:30/9:00

Uptime: 9:30am

Waking in the night?: sometimes wakes up, mostly when he has a full nappy!

Is your bub still bf/bottlefed: He still has bottles of milk =)

If so, how many and when: 2 a day, one when he wakes up and one before bed

Newest word: oooooh, poo, yeahyeah, haha

Favourite word: bub or mum

Favourite toy/game: anything that makes annoying repetitive noise

Favourite food/meal: chocolate, or his potato/vegie mix at dinner

Height: around 87-90cm

Weight: 14.5 kilos

Funny thing they've done lately: Walking through a shopping centre and hearing music, he stopped, pushed his bum out and started dancing!!!

Hi all grin

Doing a bit better... cant wait for this to be over!!! Im a little (understatement!) over it!!! 3 weeks to go YAY! Doc said today they wont let me go more than 5 days over as that would just be mean! LOL I have been through alot in the last month... LONG story!!

Nap time/s: 1pm

And for how long: about 2 hours

Bedtime: 6.30/7

Uptime: 7.45 (odd but the same every day!)

Waking in the night?: No

Is your bub still bf/bottlefed: no

Newest word: Mummy (she laughed at me everytime we tried to get her to say it before!)

Favourite word: no (ah when will that stop! LOL)

Favourite toy/game: peekaboo, twinkle twinkle, cars, reading book

Favourite food/meal: Manderin WOW she can eat alot of them!

Height: no idea.. should do that!

Weight: 12.5kg's (she s a tubber!!)

Funny thing they've done lately: gets a book and a blanket and sits on the couch 'instructs' you to put the blanket on her lays back and reads her book.

Charlotte is pretty good. Bed time is alot better we went through a really BAD patch with her bed times, she would constantly be getting out but the penny has dropped now smile She goes to bed and stays most of the time smile She has a weird rash under her chin, and a cold... doc appt on Wednesday about the rash poor luvy its getting worse.

Ethan is no different really, getting better at bed time (his has never been great) he would sing for HOURS!! But we now have a star chart and he really is getting the idea! Its great!

So we are all ready for bubs to come now. Got the furniture all sorted, the clothes in draws (at last!) now just waiting for him to arrive! Have arranged for a stretch and sweep next wednesday at 38 weeks, hoping it will do something! Charlotte was born the day of her stretch and sweep, so heres hoping!

That about all to say... Talk to you soon!
Helen xx


So glad to see (or hear) from you all!!!!! Been so long! Although I do see you all quite a bit on FB.

Kell - looks like you had a great time!!!

Leila - again!?!?! Am I the only one who is planning to have another one but not anytime soon????

Helen - is the listeria thing all over? I was sending big hugs your way XX

Here we go!
Nap time/s: 1pm-ish

And for how long: about 2 hours

Bedtime: 7/7:30pm

Uptime: 7am-ish

Waking in the night?: No (unless sick of course)

Is your bub still bf/bottlefed: yes, one bottle of milk before he goes to bed

Newest word: Umm... who knows!! He is throwing them out so quickly at the moment. Maybe Clock? or any of the animal noises?

Favourite word: No with a big thrust of his hand in case you didn't get it!! It was "wow" for a long time... hoping to go back to that smile

Favourite toy/game: Chasies, his slide, reading anything outdoors, piggy back rides

Favourite food/meal: he has been funny in the last 2 weeks or so but usually anything and everything. He loves all fruit and yoghurt and sandwiches and pasta and... ok, yeah just everything

Height: I think he was 83cm about 4 months ago?

Weight: 11.5kg

Funny thing they've done lately: Oh god, how can you choose, they are always funny!! I just can't believe the new things they do every day. Umm.... anytime you crouch down for whatever reason he quicly jumps on your back and won't let go till you give him a piggy back ride. All the animal noises are super cute too.

All is good here.... just busy. Work is flat out and Dave's business is flat out and the last 2 months or so I just feel like it's go go go.

We are off to Fiji in 4 weeks so that will be nice. Austin's passport is so super cute!!!

So nice to catch up!!!


Wow just stummbled across here yipee!!

Nap time/s: 9:30am & 2:30pm

And for how long: about 1.5 - 2 hrs each

Bedtime: 7:30

Uptime: Between 6-8

Waking in the night?: Yes sad

Is your bub still bf/bottlefed: bottle

If so, how many and when: only bbefore bed

Newest word: bye bye

Favourite word: mum .. arent they all? lol

Favourite toy/game: peekaboo or chasing

Favourite food/meal: biggest fussy eater :| id say yoghurt

Height: not sure

Weight: 11.5kg

Funny thing they've done lately: was in the supermaket didnt realise he could reach what was on the shelf he ripped something off it smashed eveyone looked at him and all he said was 'uh oh' lol i kinda grinned but didnt lol

Well ill make this a more regular thing! Isaac is sick with a chest infection at the moment tho so his just really sooky/sleepy hasnt even wanted to play with a toy all day!! sad horrible to hear him coughing tho..

Hope your all well how did everyones 18mth needle go? isaac hasnt gotten any spots yet *touch wood*

Oh and Ange im with you! Goodluck Leila!

It's been sooo quiet in here!!

Well, BIG congrats to Helen and Renee!!! Doubt you'll be on for a while ;P Bit busy lol.

Loved all the funny storys grin Kids are just too cute!

Things are pretty good with us. Miss M cut down to 1 day nap. Took a couple of days for her to get used to it, but then she started sleeping for 3-3 1/2 hrs. Was fantastic. Then we started TT :/ She now wakes after about an hour yelling 'do wee, do wee!!'. Which I know is good, but also frustrating as she gets pretty whingy later because she hasn't slept properly. The last couple of mornings she has also woken way early yelling 'no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no' I think its because she's woken up and realised she has weed in her nappy, poor thing.
She's trying really hard to copy alot of words too and starting to put them together. She was so proud of herself today when she managed 'more please Daddy' which actually sounded like 'mo pwee dadeee'. And if we're playing with the ball outside she'll chase it yelling 'I get it, I get it'. She can count to three now, sometimes four. and she actually seems to know what it means. She loves to count all the birds in her favourite book (there is five, we're still working up to that grin ) It just gets better everyday! I so love being a Mum <3

What else.. we might be moving! Waiting on DH's work, but will hopefully know by mid august. Hopefully to the Gold Coast for a year or so. To be honest I don't really care where, just that we're living in the same house!!! It's been a year now and I'm a wee bit over it :/

I think I've rambled enough for one day. lol. It's late and for some reason I'm not tired, I'll guess I'll pay for it tomorrow. I've been getting next to no sleep and being knackered all day and then it comes to bed time I am wide awake. It is driving me barmy! Add to that.. Jimmy is home and has the man flu :/

Well hope you are all well and look forward to some action around here ;P

Talk soon

Jess xox


Wow big congrats to Renee & Helen!!

OMG Jess well done Miss M!! how is everyones toddlers talking etc? Mr I doesnt really say that many words kinda worrying me since everyones littlies are talking to much he says bubba, mum, ta, more and car.

We're doing well here his becoming a right little tantrum thrower tho! had his first ever tanty at the shops and boy did i go red! cant believe how many people stare at me, he nearly tipped himself out of the pram i took him out once he stopped and then threw himself on the floor and continued i started walking away and that was the only thing that made him get up and follow me, anyone have any tips?


Haven't been on here for a while, but now I don't feel so bad as it looks like it's been quiet tongue

Anna and Jen - how far along are you guys now??

I've been soooo super busy with the election and life in general really. And we just got back from Fiji which was heaven smile 7 nights of beautiful beaches, getting around in nothing but a bikini (which is a big thing because it's so cold at home at the moment that we are still in scarves and beanies!!!), lots of cocktails etc. Austin had a wonderful time and quickly became a favorite because of his blue eys, fair skin, blonde hair and cute smile. He had a total word explosion whilst we were there. He literally started saying about 30 new words and even started saying Vinaka (Fijian for thank you) by the end! And he has started to srting 2 words together. Just simple things like That's Daddies or Good boy. Anyway, yes had a great time!

I think his 2 year old molars are coming!! He has had all the other teeth for about 3 months now and the last few days he has had rosy red cheeks and has woken up 1 - 2 times seemingly for no reason. Poor bubba!

This time next week I might be unemployed! Interesting times! I know that everyone else is sick of the election but I'm so excited! lol.

Jayne - how is Isaac? I saw on FB that he hasn't been too well sad

Catch you all on FB no doubt XX

Glad you had a great time ange sooo jealous!! Well isaacs words hadn't improved so now they are worrying about all that so another specialist to see as his only saying about 6 words. Isaac will be having his tonsils and adenoids out next month thank god! It'd horrible to see him so sick all the time and I'd love some sleep this year!! Still not sleeping thru as they think his tonsils are getting in the way ( sleep apnea) and hopefully all will be well, nothing much has changed here besides sickness, how's everyone else doing? Should I be really concerned about his talking? He understands if you say something and I've been constantly trying to get him to say words over and over like the first mum dad type thing and still not getting anywhere

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