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January 09 toddler! Lock Rss

Jayne - I would not be worried about Isaac's speech at all. Austin was probably only saying 8 words constantly (and a few random ones here and there) before his word explosion in Fiji. I hope after his op he (and you) get a break from all the sickness. No fun with a sick bubba

Jen - Some of Austin's words are clear like the normal ones such as no, mum, dad and uh-oh but I think with the rest only his family and day care mum etc pick up on. Or a firend might say "Did he just say XXXXX?"

2 more sleeps till I find out if I keep my job,,,, soooooooo excited!!!

Hi everyone,

How are all our big toddlers doing? Ryder is great, he's getting so big now and is such a little man not so much a baby anymore now.
He is saying so many words and copying everything we say. We have to be so careful now.

Leila, yay for ttc. having 3 kids is fun but very, very busy!

Anyway, I think I have everyone on fb but Little Aston was born on the 26th of July. He looks identical to Ryder as a newborn. I found it very weird to call him aston at the start. I kept wanting to call him Ryder or Squidgy. I still call him ryder sometimes but only after a long night.

So I thought I might bore you all with my birth story.
On Sunday I woke up in the morning with a sore contraction which I just knew was a real one. they were totally irregular till about 4pmish and then I thought I had better text my mum and midwife to let them know things would probably happen later that night.
I still kept hanging at home as they didn't feel too bad and they were still between 10 and 20 minutes apart.
At about 2am they started to get slightly more intense so I thought I might have a shower to relax a little.
When I got out it was about 2.30am and I told df that I had a feeling that this baby would arrive at 4am. anyway he started freaking out because he was scared I would have the baby at home. So at 3 I told him to call my midwife and we would get going.
We got into the hospital at about 3.15 and my midwife did all the checks she needed t, then just as she was about to do an internal my waters broke. I actually thought that I had wet myself so I got really embarrassed until she said it was my waters. That was about 3.30 and then my contractions started getting really intense and I pushed out Aston weighing 9lbs 3 oz at 3.59am.

Everything went so great. Kind of all to plan really. I did it all drugfree which was what I really wanted to do and it was also great to not know what gender baby we were having till the end.
I did worry a little bit in the first couple of days thinking that if I'd been at home for only 15 minutes longer I would have had an unplanned homebirth. I really didn't feel like I was that close at all!

He has fitted into our family so well, both kids love him so much. Ryder gives him so many kisses and says he loves him all the time.

Helen, hope Riley is doing better now.
And Jen, yay for not having too much longer to go! Hope you are doing well.

Hugs Leila. It's alright we all have our down times. Does DH often work away a lot? It's a lot to cope with being on your own when you are use= to the fall back of a partner. And yes most definitely the weather does not help at all. I feel suffocated by frost and clouds!!!

I'm experiencing a little downess (is that a word??) myself at the moment re: work. Mummy guilt all over again in deciding to stay in my position and not take the payout. I just really don't know if I have made the right decision and the worse thing is I still have time to change my mind!! Someone please tell me what to do?!!??! DH is very supportive either way but refuses to tell me what to do. I'm feeling so lost at the moment.

Renee - wow! What an awesome birth story!! I hope my next one goes exactly like that!! lol. I am planning a VBAC so yours sounds pretty good to me! lol.

Austin said his first swear word, OMG!!!! Dave and I do swear sometimes but obviously don’t do it when he is around especially now that he copies EVERYTHING we say. But the other day I tripped up the hall way and stubbed my toe really badly and let the word “f8ck” slip, and then I hear this little voice behind me say it! Without missing a beat I said “Yes that’s right, truck!” So then he said truck instead! Lol. Kinda funny but… Really not! We just have to be so careful!!

Leila - you've done so well to TT Thomas so early! Austin does wees in the potty every now and then but I think it's more by chance, lol. We were going to actively train him when it is warmer so he can go walking around naked and get used to what his body is doing.

I guess I should get back to work... ha ha yes that's right I'm doing this at work. I needed a break to whinge smile

And also...

He hasn't had a day sleep for 2 days!! It's been coming for weeks but I was trying to delay it. Oh well, all babies are different. His day care mum said he still may regress back to having day sleeps.

Leila - I know you said Tom was on his way to dropping his day nap?

Anyone else?

Hello Hello grin

Firstly hugs to you Leila. I know how it can be with just one at home, let alone 2! How long is he away for at a time?
Not sure if we are moving yet, will supposedly know by mid september. At this point it 'may' be Cairns (meaning we can finally move into a house!! Yay!) if not it will definitely be the Gold Coast. Hmmm...we'll see

Ange, sorry can't help with your decision sad I certainly didn't love my job so I had nooo trouble deciding. It's a tuff one :/
As for day sleeps, we are having the opposite here lately. Maddy asked to go to bed at 9.30 the other morning! And she's just slept for 2 1/2 hrs! I'm guessing its just cause she's a bit unwell. Not that I mind.. I need the rest too! grin

We've just been staying with my parents for a week. Maddy learnt some lovely things off my mum :/ such as... No Way!! and Oh ***! Luckily the Oh *** she just repeated after and hasn't said again. Lol

Well, I have exciting news tongue It is indeed official that Miss Maddy is going to be a big sister! I'm slowly getting past the shock. After taking nearly 2 yrs with her I certainly didn't expect it to happen straight away. Thankfully the m/s has eased up, but I am soooooo tired. We haven't managed to tell everyone yet so would appreciate nothing of FB as yet smile I just couldn't hold it in any longer, its been killing me lol. Guess I better update my ticker, Woo!

I think I've written enough of a novel. Hope you are all well, talk soon.

Jess, Maddy & Peanut xox


Hey everyone!

Wow renee great story, your giving me hope of a drug free birth next (not for a long tiem yet tho)

Congrats on Maddy being a big sister!! woohoooooo

well we went to the specialist yesterday, he has to have a blood test (god help me) sleep study on 29th october, back to specialist then a week later to see the surgeon! everythings slowly moving along but i will eventually have a happy HEALTHY baby smile and i really cant wait!

oh and if he isnt talking more in about 2 months we will be going for some hearing tests.

Not much more to add, except a bit sad isaac has dropped one of his sleeps sad

Leila, I have the biggest ever hugs for you. I find it tough if df works overtime so I can't imagine what the last few months must have been like for you. Vent away here all you want, it's good to get things out.
I'm struggling a bit trying to be the perfect mun and it's not working out as planned. It's reassuring to know I am not the only one who feels like this.
My biggest issues are with Lilee. I'm finding her so difficult at the moment. Well the last few months really. The two boys are so easy compared to her.

Congrats Jess!!! Do you know how far along you are? It's so exciting having lots of us having more babies!

Jayne, Lilee didn't start talking properly till about 2 then she wouldn't ever be quiet. Do you have any concerns about Isaac's hearing at all? If you don't I'm sure he will start talking soon. I used to worry alot about her talking. It's hard when you don't know what is normal and whats not.

must have missed your post Leila - feel free to vent and do/say whatever you like on here thats what we are here for, or inbox me on facebook im more than happy to chat, sometimes i feel like that also.

Well HUGE changes in mine and Isaac's life, his father has now decided he wants to see him, i see the good and bad parts of it, im just more worried how i will cope with isaac leaving my care. Esp facing him since it was a very bitter break up.. so if your wonderign why my facebook seems a bit funny this is why. Totally dont understand why now is a good time for it grr.. anyway vent over

There is partial deafness in my family my brother was born deaf, so am a little concerned BUT he did pass his newborn hearing test but that doesnt mean much at the moment, they told me to give it a few months and if not much improvement then they will re test him.

OH wow, so many posts on here, usually i get an email message saying someone has posted something new.... I haven't had anything!

So much going on for everyone! Excellent birth story Renee! Glad it went so well esp coz Aston was a decent size bubba! 3 kids is hard work, I dunno how I would cope if mine were close together, having older kids is a blessing coz they make great babysitters/entertainers!

Ange... I totally hear you with the mummy guilt and working! I struggled terribly with decision to go back to work! I really like my job and didn't want to give it up, I have managed to go back only doing 3 days which is good for balancing work and kids, but now that I am back I don't enjoy it as much as I did, its got really busy and I feel exhausted by Wednesday! is there the option of part time work/job sharing? Only you can make the decision, but your kids are little for such a short time, you don't want regrets...

Leila... (((HUGS))) to you!! Sorry you are feeling down! We are always here to listen, so vent as much as you need! Good luck with your doc appt, as for you man, its just about a universal problem - most of them are somewhat useless! tongue

Jayne, I'm glad you are getting stuff sorted for poor little isaacs throat! He's had a tough year being sick. All the best with letting him go with his dad for visits! Hopefully his talking will improve, he's still young enough for it not to be too much of a problem, my DS2 was a late talker, he was probably getting closer to 3, now he talks too much! LOL

YAY Jesse, so exciting to hear your news! When are you due????

Well I think that was all my replies.... Not much happening here! Sick of winter, it hasnt been cold so much, just wet! I am looking forward to some longer sunnier days! cool

Kate is talking heaps, copies most words now, her favourite thing is to hold up her pointing finger and say "onemore" about nearly everything! She tells me when she needs to and has done wees, but refuses to sit on the potty or toilet, so I am going to wait until summer and put her in knickers and see how she goes. Oh and still BF'ing but ready to stop now, how to do that??? unsure

Well, thats a huge post from me, I will check in here more often now and see how everyone is!
see you...

Hi everyone!!

Leila - massive big hugs to you. Please come on here and vent whenever you need to. Not many people know this (actually no one but my mum, dad, and Dave) but I suffered from horrible depression in my late teens (set off by my parents divorce). So I really do understand. It's a horrible hole to climb out of and I know you must feel a little panicked that it's come back. I hope you go see your Dr about it soon (I know you were talking about it and I hope you went), don't wait until you are already so far down that it takes too much of a toll on you. You owe it yourself to be the best that you can be. The longer you wait to the harder it is to get back up. We are always here and give me a message on FB if you need to talk things out XX

Jayne - as I said on FB best of luck with the descision about Isaacs father. Must be stressful. Good luck with the upcoming tests.

Jesse - yay, congrats!! More babies!!! I thought my pregnant friends list was getting a little low, lol.

AFM - I decided to stay on in my position. It just really is my ideal job (not many people actually enjoy going to work) and with the added bonus my salary (which is pretty decent), I have decided to stay on. It helps that I know that if in a few months time, if I start to not enjoy it I can just leave. So there we are decision made!

Here's a long story....
So I have been having these abdominal pains which come on really suddenly and last for about 30 mins – 1 hour. I’ve had this happen about 8 times over the last year and don’t seem to be set off by anything. They are so severe that they literally have me crying and screaming and I mean screaming, from the pain and all doubled up and my heart rate skyrockets, I vomit from the pain and then they literally just stop. We’ve called an ambulance 3 times but the first 2 times we called the pains had stopped by time they came (only my heart rate was still up). They offered to take me to the hospital but both times I refused because I couldn’t think of anything worse then being at the hospital when I know they’ll do nothing anyway and the pain has already gone. So they just stayed for a bit till my heart rate dropped back to normal and then give me this letter thing to take to my GP to say why they had been called etc. Over the last few months I have had a few MRI’s, blood work, and ultrasounds but nothing too fascinating has been found (they found the cysts during one of these which they didn’t think was the cause of this pain but one was quite large and they wanted to keep an eye on it. It has since shrunk so they’ll still keep an eye on it but no biggie). Thursday night was the latest. It was the longest and most painful the pains have ever been and they were still there when the ambulance arrived so they were gave me this mask thing and an injection for the pain and whipped me off to hospital quick as. Again my heart rate was through the roof. Not long after arriving at the hospital the pain just stopped like it usually did but then I started vomiting from the pain relief. The ambos knew I was allergic to the stuff they were giving me and when Dave asked them about it they said they had to make the decision to give it to me even though they knew I would be really sick after due to the amount of pain I was in and how fast my heart was beating. The Dr in charge in Emergency at couldn’t make a diagnosis so gave me a letter to give to my GP asking for her to arrange a Gastroscopy. Yay for me!!!
Any ideas?? Since th Dr's don't have a diagnosis, I thought I'd just start asking around, lol.

Hi All, I have been meaning to get back in here for ages. So sorry.

Lots happening with all these new babies and pregnant mummies. Congrats to you all. And great birth story Renee. I love the excitement of the whole pregnancy and birth stuff, but could not deal with another baby. I should be a surrogate one day!

Leila- sorry to hear you've been so down. Hope you've had some time out with DH having a week off. You remind me alot of myself in alot of your posts. Don't feel guilty about wanting to wean Tom. You have done a great job and it won't be any disadvantage to him to wean him now. Give yourself a break. Nearly 4 years of breastfeeding is a HUGE effort and you should be very proud.

Ange- I think you've made the right decision with your job. You seem so happy with it and it seems like you are great with balancing everything. How is Austin going with his day sleeps? Dylan stopped having daysleeps when he turned 2 , and didn't have a day sleep for like over 6 months. Then he started daycare and started having sleeps again. It has only been the last couple of months he has stopped again. So yes, they are all different and he will change with different stages he goes through.

Don't know what else I was going to say to everyone.

Things with us are good. I twisted my ankle at kinder gym the other week, so I've had a week and a half off. I go back to work tomorrow. It has been sooooo good and I soooo needed the break. The kids have still been going to daycare so I've had some time to myself. I was heading for a bit of a breakdown so it couldn't have come at a better time. I couldn't walk for the first week, so got some good rest.

And I am getting Emma sorted out. We used to put her to bed with a bottle and she'd have one early morning when she woke. Then she'd wake at other times and just scream for a bottle which would go on for hours. So we've got her off the bottle, had a few hard nights and last night she slept ALL night till 7am. Yippee for me! Hope it continues now.

Emma hasn't really started toilet training yet, but she now sits on the potty instead of standing in it! I think she's going to be alot harder than Dylan to toilet train. She doesn't say many words clearly, but "talks" alot. Everything sounds the same. She understands everything we say to her though and is great with doing what she is asked. Not like her brother! We are having huge problems with Dylan at the moment not listening. We really need to be so tough with him cause he is walking all over us. Thats our next battle.

We've decided we are moving back 'home'. To Forster in NSW which is where my mum and dad are. We just have to get DH work first, which is proving to be harder than expected. I can't wait to live near my family again. Really really looking forward to it.

Also, it's DH's 30th birthday in october. I have booked this big surprise for him and I can't wait. We are going to drive over to Townsville where his mum lives, which he knows about. Then on the saturday morning just DH and I are flying down to the gold coast, leaving the kids with Nanny (first night ever away from Emmy). I've got a V8 off road Buggy and Rally car driving package booked for DH which is about 3 1/2 hours. Then we have a nice hotel booked, so dinner, a walk around Surfers Paradise then back to the hotel. Then fly back lunchtime the next day. Sooooo can't wait. And I really don't think he is expecting any of it.

Anyway, better go hang the washing out, iron my work clothes, do the dishes, mop the floor........ gees, how do I manage to do all this when I'm working???

Love you all

Ange, that sounds really scary and awful. The only thing I can think of is gallstones but they would have already checked for that I guess. I hope you can get a diagnosis soon.
On the plus side, I'm glad you have made a decision about work that you are happy with!

I haven't started tt Ryder, I'm going to wait until it gets warm outside and then let him run around with undies on. At the moment I can't really put 100% in to it anyway. It will be good to have him out of nappies though!
We gave him his first haircut last night. It was a spur of the moment thing. I had always said I would get it cut once he started getting too many people asking if he was a girl and a few people have latekly so I thought it was about time. He looks so different like he just grew up from a baby to a little man!

Lilee turns 4 tomorrow. Can't believe in a years time I will be taking her off to school!

Aston is doing great, he's smiling heaps and making cute cooing sounds.He is till waking about once a night, which isn't too bad. I sometimes wake up feeling pretty good.

How are you getting on Helen?
And not long to go Jen, I hope you are feeling ok. Not too big and uncomfy. Oh and hope you can sort out some names soon.

Jayne, I think you are so amazing and strong to let Isaac's dad back in his life. I really hope that he does not let Isaac down. Luckily he has you and you more then make up for his dad. smile

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