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Feeding your Toddler


Huggies Help Panel - Nutritionist Lock

Hi Everyone Our nutritionist Leanne Cooper, on our Huggies Help Panel, is ready to answer your ...

6 replies

Huggies_Moderator wrote: Hi Everyone Our nutritionist Leanne Cooper, on our Huggies Help Panel, is ready to answer your questions ...


Very fussy 4 year old Lock

Can anyone help with a very fussy 4 year old eater, if it was up to him he would only eat 2 minut...

1 reply

Have u try steam vegetables with gravy is our daughter likes swede potato parsnip mashup with gravy an fruit smoothies potato bake o...


Healthy cereals help family in need Lock

Hi everyone  Just want some advice please our 2 year old daughter Erica in temporary care until w...

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Terror_ Of 1

Powdered Milk VS Fresh Cows Milk Lock

My 15mo boy loves milk. And we have only ever drunk A2 Milk, and if you use this brand you know...

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breakfast ideas?? Lock

hey everyone, im just wondering what you all give your kids for brekky.. im struggling with heal...

11 replies

I take it from here -

What do your kids eat for breakfast? Lock

Just curious what other toddlers eat for breakfast, DD eats mostly weet-bix, sometimes toast and ...

19 replies

Hi Everyone! I know a really good smoothie recipe) my Family like! Strawberry Banana Oatmeal Smoothie -


vegetarian Lock

my baby is 12 months old and i am vegetarian and have never cooked meat. Too make sure my baby i...

3 replies

Good Vegan recipe here - Pasta with Mushrooms and Avocado Sauce!


How to get 14 month old to eat meat Lock

Hi i have a 14 month bubba and she flat out refuses to eat meat be it chicken, or beef or fish......

3 replies

I recently found a site where you can find a dinner recipe for the whole family. I really liked this soup.


how do i get him to eat veges? Lock

Hi there my ds is 15mnths and for the past couple of months has been refusing his veges most of ...

7 replies

Do you like cooking? I love very much. Therefore, I recommend you this page. There you can find a wonderful meatloaf recipe. https:...


3 year old refuses to eat meals - has NEVER eaten a real meal. Lock

I'm wondering if anyone can please help me.! I am at my wits end.. DS will be 3 in April. He...

4 replies

Sorry to hear must be so hard x, Maybe try to give him proper meals but in a way that it looks like a snack? For example cut the toa...


3 yr old won't eat sauces Lock

My 3 year old won't eat anything with sauches or toppings on it - even butter on bread! She is al...

4 replies

I like to cook. And I think you should also make this sauce. Your family will love it.


Tips on getting 18 month old to eat meat. Lock

Does anyone have any tips on getting an 18 month old to eat meat/fish/poultry please? Or any tip...

5 replies

I once was preparing the sauce. Me and my child really liked. How To Make Szechuan Sauce See the recipe. You'll like it.

homemade allergy test Lock

DS1 gets a itchy painful rash on him from jar spaghetti sauce, wherever it touches him, which, as...

9 replies

I once was preparing the sauce. I really liked it but the child was allergic. How To Make Szechuan Sauce Look what is there to know ...


Pasta suggestions Lock

My 2 year old daughter loves rice and pasta. I would love some ideas on what I could put in her ...

8 replies

I often add Szechuan sauce to pasta, rice. How To Make Szechuan Sauce You can see what you need for it. 5 large garlic cloves ...

* Gabriella''s Mum *

Family Dinners with a 13 month old Lock

Hello Ladies, I'm wondering what meals you make your families to suit a 13 month old who you are...

9 replies

My favorite sauce now is Sichuan. How To Make Szechuan Sauce Very easy recipe. You can cook it for your family.


Toddler and kids foods Lock

Hey Guys, i have recently found a really great Instagram page for kids, babies and toddler food i...

2 replies

Yes, you are right lullina, it will help inferiorly for those who are very conscious for their children health. As we know, children...


Hypersensitive gag reflex and constant vomiting Lock

Hi, I'm just wondering if there are other Mums with babies or toddlers who have a hypersensitive...

23 replies

New here and stumble down upon this forum! First off, I am a mom of 2 and also a pediatric occupational therapist for 5 years and no...


Not drinking formula or milk Lock

Hi All, Our boy is 20 months and over the last month or so he hasn't wanted his formula fro...

2 replies

According to my experience, When we start feeding milk with bottle most of the babies initially refuse bottles due to several reason...


Ideas to feed a fussy 14 month old Lock

Hi ladies! I have a fussy 14 month old. She still has 2 bottles during the day, one at lunch and...

8 replies

hi everyone I'm after some advice i have a 17 month old but was 3 months preemie so really only 14 months old, we have always h...


Changing from Formula to Full Cream Milk Lock

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting.. I would be grateful for any advice with changing my ...

6 replies

Hi there! I am the same my son is 1yrs and I’ve gave him full fat for a while now but wasn’t sure how to stop formula, how many and ...


Kefir Lock

Hi all Just wanna know if anybody has tried giving their lo kefir n kefir products? If so need id...

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Pixie Chick

Ideas for Fussy 3 Year Old Lock

I know there are a lot of meal plan threads on here but I’m trying to find ideas for my fussy 3 y...

12 replies

Hey Guys, i have recently found a really great Instagram page for Kids babies and toddler foods. Beautiful pics , recipes and ideas....


My 2.5 year old will not eat anything!!!!! HELP!!!!! Lock

My son is 2.5 and is the fussiest eater in the world.....he ate fine (as all children do) until h...

5 replies

I know this is an old thread, but this is responding to the newer posts. Just a thought... how much milk and water is he drinking an...

Huggies Support

5 ways to get your toddler to sit still and eat Lock

Meal times with toddlers can turn into frustrating battle-of-the-wills marathons. We've put ...

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Little Egg

do you give your child dried fruit Lock

This week at our coffee group I was giving DS a few raisins, and one of the other mums said that...

19 replies

Dry fruits are the best alternatives for potato chips and other junk foods. Dry fruits are the best snacks. Raisins are always great...


Fussy eater Lock

Hi there, im new to this i have a 14 month old who refuses to eat anything lumpy or is very fuss...

1 reply

hi bella my daughter was the same she used to choke on anything remotely chunky it is very stressful for you dont stress the issue a...


Fussy Eating Blog Article Lock

Hello everyone, This is a great blog article written by Tot's Pantry in Auckland, NZ regardi...

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5 Tips for Packing your Pre-schooler's Lunchbox Lock

Here are some tips for packing your child's lunchbox for daycare or preschool. We'd lov...

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Great snack ideas for picky eaters Lock

1 reply

Thank you. My kid likes frozen bananas with a passionfruit yoghurt dip very much.

Huggies Support

5 tips for encouraging your child to be curious about food Lock

If you're frustrated because your child refused to eat broccoli or just try anything new, he...

2 replies

There are lots of ways you can encourage your children to eat veggies. Have you tried stir frys or roasting veggies? Some children n...

Huggies Support

Tips for changing your kids' eating habits Lock

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Check out these great member tips for feeding your toddler! Lock Have you got any to add to this list?

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HELP! 3yr old wont eat ANY fruit or veg Lock

I am at my wits end with my 3 yr old DS who will NOT eat ANY fruit or veg for over a year. I am n...

24 replies

I hope this discussion is still active. I have the same situation with my 3 year old. We had healthy start and then change to disas...


Changing kids eating habits Lock

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My almost 4 yo won't self feed or takes too long Lock

A week ago I stopped feeding him I'd had enough of it. What's really frustrating me is ...

3 replies

You are definitely doing the right thing. Don't beat yourself up too much. You are putting in hardwork now to get him back on t...


Top tips for feeding your toddler Lock

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1 year old food Lock

Hello! I now have a wonderful 1 year old who loves eating but im trying to find out what everyo...

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Teaching your toddler how to eat Lock

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How to make sure your toddler is getting all the right nutrition Lock

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