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Celebrations - Kids (Birthdays / Christenings etc)

Share your bday cake successes Lock

in reading the title back to myself it sounds like the cake in the other post was a fail...oops, ...

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I don't know if this will qualify but here is mine with Party Balloons-


Kid's Birthday Cakes - Show Us Your Pics ! Lock

Hi everyone, We have received a great suggestion from one of our members to have a thread runni...

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Huggies_Moderator wrote: Hi everyone, We have received a great suggestion from one of our members to have a thread running where o...


Baby Shower Gift Ideas Lock

HI everyone just thought I would myself and my business out there! I have been making custom baby...

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Birthday Foil Balloon Lock

Here's another option for you but this is...

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check out Balloon Elegance they have a lot of options but are you using it for babies birhtday party? i think its better to use a my...

Ideas for 12yr old girl B-day gift Lock

DPs DD1 is 12 next week and we have no idea what to get her. I asked her what she wanted and her...

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I think thread like this never dies. Last month my sister had the same problem but she and her husband decided to take their son for...


FREE Birthday Invitation Template - Downloadable and Editable Lock

I don't know if this site has been posted before but I came accross it recently and it has s...

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Thanks for the tip. I have used Canva before but will check out the other site. We are looking to provide free customised invitation...


Slumber party theme ideas Lock

I have recently started a small business doing themed sleepover...

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ideas for an alternatives to a kids birthday party Lock

DD1 is turning 6 soon and we are finding hard to get a party organized. This is due to other peop...

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Slumber parties are always cool and usually a little easier to plan as the numbers are smaller. There are people out there who set t...


What's the best theme for my baby's first birthday? Lock

My son will be celebrating his first birthday, that means planning well for an exciting party! Th...

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My family was having the same confusion for my niece's 2nd birthday party. At last, we decided to contact a party planner, and ...


Preschool for your kids Lock

Are you looking for preschool or daycare or creche for your kid. Then Visit: w...

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3yo Birthday (Winter) Ideas in South East (Narre Warren) Lock

Hi everyone, I was hoping to get some ideas for my sons 3rd birthday. He is a winter baby so I’ve...

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Ideas for baptism gifts? Lock

Hi I am going to a 20 month old boy and a 6 month old girls baptism only a week apart and just wo...

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The colorful balls set is best idea to gift because babies like dark colors and attract towards them.


spray on nappy rash treatment Lock

does anyone know of any? I know there is bubbaloo's bum spray or something but it's not...

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Personally spray on nappy rash cream sounds like a terrible idea. Youre going to get the occasional spray in the direction of their ...


Gift idea needed for friend hosting my shower Lock

I'm a FTM and my friend has kindly hosted my shower. She has done everything, from invites t...

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Hello everybody. I have a problem. My best friend has asked me to host her shower and I haven't got idea what to do. I'm t...


Travelling to perth Lock

Hi travelling to perth first week of june for my daughter first birthday.any ideas which place i ...

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Home baptisms in Melbourne? Lock

Has anyone here ever held a baptism for their child at home? How did you go about it ? How much d...

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venues for a joint Birthday party Lock

Hi, My son is turning 6 and my daughter is turning 2 in April . We want to do a joint birthday pa...

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Baby shower gift ideas Lock

I'm off to a baby shower for my work colleague next weekend and I'm trying to come up with ideas ...

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Baby shower gifts are difficult to choose because there are plenty of options and ideas. One thing which can be gifted and look uniq...

How much do you spend on a baby shower gift? Lock

I didn't have a baby shower, i think its a bit of a gift grab really, but for friends who have ha...

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Baby shower gift should be special and according to the needs of the baby and one can buy some useful products or toys within the bu...


How did you celebrate your baby's first birthday? Lock

Tell us how you marked the day!

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first birthday presents dilemma Lock

Hi, my little girl is only 6 months old but I've already started thinking about planning her...

3 replies

Don't forget to check out our Kids birthday party cakes page! You can get inspiration and upload your own photos too: https://...


what to cater for a January party Lock

Hi, I'm planning my son's 2nd birthday party in January which im expecting the weather ...

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Thanks for the reply. I will rethink on the popcorn.


Xmas Babies Lock

Hi, Just wondering if anyone out there has a little one born close to or around xmas? We have a l...

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Hire your fave character Mascots for only $50!!!!! AUSTRALIA WIDE SERVICE!!! Hire your child&#...

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hi I am based in Adelaide and looking for Winnie the pooh mascot hire?


how to word a combined 1st & 30th Lock

Hi can anyone help me with ideas how to word a invitation for my daughters 1st bday party with he...

2 replies

Awesome! Very similar to what we have planned. Now daylight savings has finished I was hoping to have bubs first up in the arvo then...


Baptism or Christening Lock

Hey everyone. Im really struggling finding a nice local church to have my baby Baptised.We would ...

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We're having our daughter baptised in my parent's local Catholic church. Didn't have to fill in any paperwork, but di...


Cake Smash photographer Lock

Can anybody recommend a good photographer for a cake smash. Ideally under $500 for e everything (...

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First Birthday Keepsakes Lock

Hi, I have just started a Facebook selling printable keepsakes, and am currently making Fist Birt...

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How can I make a "Pin the Nose on Olaf" game?? Lock

Apparently there's a website where you can print out a big picture, but it prints it on a nu...

2 replies try this one is 4 pages


Joint Christening Lock

Hi Everyone Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on joint christenings. My 2nd son is going t...

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You know what is the basal metabolism Lock

You know what is the basal metabolism As are the minimum calories (the minimum amount of energy) ...

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Jeremy's first birthday and on Australia Day Lock

Hi all, Soon the 26 of January " Australia Day" will be the First Birthday of my son J...

2 replies

Thanks for replaying, the picnic its nice idea, and I guess on Australia Day that will be quite popular. How can I do to make him ou...


birthday dilemma - help me decide please Lock

DDs b'day is in the Xmas holidays. She will be 6 this year. In the past we have her party th...

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Yeah nothing major. Just she's been invited to a party and there is a second party that she is not invited too but some of her ...


Is this enough food for DDs party tomorrow? Lock

DD is turning 4 tomorrow and we are having the party at home. There will be 12 kids and most of ...

7 replies

Thanks for the input ladies. I ended up adding plain cheese sandwiches and the kids loved them! And it's the first party ever...


What to do for miss 9s and mr 2s bdays. ?? plz help Lock

hi just after some suggestions and advice what to do in this situation? my daughter will be 9 in...

7 replies

Hi Sugarbaby2323 if you're still after ideas take a look on the shindigs website, check below for a link for their children the...


Anyone done the printable water bottle labels? Lock

Just wondering how you actually get the original lables off the bottles? Any suggestions or tips?

2 replies

I just snipped the edges a little and ripped them off. The new label will cover any of the tacky glue.


How long would marshmallows last in an airtight container? Lock

My DDs birthdays are a week apart and going with their colour schemes one will want the white mar...

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whoops RS, I didn't even think of homemade marshmallows....shows that I have never even attempted this, its not in my vocabulary


Help with a cake idea for my daughters 1st birthday Lock

Hi, My daughter will be 1 in early September and much to my husbands delight our little princess ...

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I love both those ideas I wonder if I can get them pictures printed in a jigsaw shape to fit each other


Cake * Picture removed Lock

Who wants to see the cake I made for my son's 4th birthday? I will show a picture for a shor...

27 replies

Paperclip wrote: Supermummy wrote: Lol. That's good then. I'm not feeling great this morning and clearly my brain isn'...