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Need Help Regarding Moving :-) Lock Rss

ok so over christmas gary has 4 weeks off and in this time we will be moving all our furniture out of our house and storing it at his work. We will be staying at mums for the 4 weeks so we can sand back the ceiling, repaint the ceiling and the whole house put new flooring in and put a new kitchen it and what not.

We doing all this because we want to sell up and get something bigger.

Now this is where i need your help. All the stuff we want to do to the house will easily be finished in the 4 weeks but do we move all the furniture back into the house and live there while we try and sell it knowing that im just going to have to scrub the whole house again and probs do touch up paint and what not everywhere or do we stay at mums till the house sell and until we find another place?? Mum does not mind how long we stay there for and we dont have a problem staying there at all either. So what would you do??

Also what things do i need to remember to take to mums that im going to need over the 4 weeks coz knowing me i will forget something and pack it up.

Thanks for all your help smile

For me it would depend on how long it is likely to take to sell the house. I would talk to the real estate and get it all organised so as soon as all the work is finished you can put it up for sale.
And also see what that say regarding the market in your area and selling it empty. Sometimes it is harder to sell a house empty cause people can't picture what it will look like with furniture etc or it may look smaller without furniture, stuff like that.

If the 4wks went well at your mums id probably stay there until the house sold just to save the unpacking packing thing lol

packing to stay with your mums id take the toys they use daily and comfort ones too clothes they need, depending on bedding that too

things that your mum doesnt have that you need on a daily basis i guess dont over do it tho because you wouldnt want to lose it either

good luck with what you decided

Stay with ur mum, but place some of ur larger furniture back in the house for display purpose.
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