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I havent even GOT any alcohol clothes or hats lol how out of the loop am I?! tongue I saw a little kid (cant remember if was boy or girl lol) wearing a bintang singlet and thought it was cute as! Didnt think of it as anything other than Aww they've been to Bali and there was a mini singlet that they got. LOL
I dont think I'd even notice really but now I definately will haha grin

Bintang is Bali beer lol
I must admit DS has on numerous occasions worn a Jim Beam hat to daycare. And it's a white hat with a BIG Jim Beam logo on the front.
Doesn't bother me at all. He has no idea what the hat says, nor would any other kid at the daycare.
It is mostly at times when we has misplaced his usual hat, but still, I would never think twice about letting him wear it. Better to have a hat than not!

Nah doesn't bother me. Its just a shirt/hat/pants/shoes and the chances are the kids dont even know what it means anyway.
you go sharon! you are such a wildcard!
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