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Does anyone else enjoy being wrapped tightly in a blanket? Rss

I learned that when I was younger. It calms me down. I wrap myself tightly in a blanket or sheet and stay in this position, no matter how long it takes. Sometimes, if I've been really worried for a few days and couldn't calm down at all while doing this, I almost fall asleep, as it's so relaxing. The calming effect can last from an hour to a whole day, depending on how I feel. Often it even stops me from wanting to hurt myself.

There have been cases where being restrained by another person has had this effect, such as when I was in a secure ward and then in a psychiatric ward. But it wasn't as reliable, because sometimes people were rude, or I didn't like them, or they did it wrong. But when it was someone kind and patient, it made me calm down.

I have been diagnosed with BPD, depression, anxiety, OCD, and short-term psychosis, but I think only anxiety and OCD are true. The only people I've heard of are those with autism, and I don't have it. Is it strange that I find it relaxing? Is there anyone else or am I alone?
I love my blanket, even in the summer I sleep under it.
For sure, many of us wrap ourselves in a blanket during sleep, so that only one head sticks out. When the weather is chilly outside and we really want warmth, we wrap the blanket so that the cold air does not get to us from the room at all. So that there is not a single crack and there is no muzzle anywhere. We put our head under the blanket and breathe, trying to warm the air. Under the blanket, it creates its own atmosphere of warmth and comfort. The same effect can be achieved if you swaddle, eliminating the cracks and blowing cold air. It is very cool to lie in a warm blanket when it is cold around. So I decided to buy myself a heavy blanket and I feel like I'm in a hug when I fall asleep. Very cool feeling, I advise you!
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I love my blanket during winter time. But in cases of taking care of my baby at the age of below one year, I quite often use a think blanket. I am currently doing as a house inspector for finding this search term home inspectors near me for understanding what necessaries items to repair.
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