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I suffer from chronic pain, and I was recommended CBD oil. But I'm afraid that it will prevent me from doing the operation. Has anyone experienced this at a bariatric clinic in Calgary?
I think you should try to consult a doctor. Since all people are different and I think that someone can use cbd before surgery, and someone can not.
But there is nothing wrong with cbd, I think you can try it.
Oh, I've been using CBD oil for a while now, it's really good at relieving pain. I've been suffering from chronic pain for a while now after breaking my leg, and to be honest, I'd probably be like House on the show, addicted to pain pills, if it wasn't for cbd. I've tried many different brands, but I usually order my little saviors of this site here I like their product line, plus the good prices. I suggest you try them out! They will definitely help you get rid of sleep problems and improve the overall condition of the body.
Hope you will be OK!
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