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my wife feels a severe back pain
what should I do?
will chiropractic help us?
I don't know anything about chiropractic.
Maybe she should try some painkillers?
Back pain is the most terrible pain for me. To be honest, I have been struggling with this problem for many years. I had a period where I would get out of bed every morning and say, " ahhh, ahhh, that hurts." Then I started taking all sorts of painkillers, until I just became addicted to them. But the pain subsided only for a short period of time, and then returned even stronger.
Then I decided to try the chiropractic method on myself. I was lucky enough to find . On this resource, I read that chiropractic care helps patients manage better overall spinal alignment while reducing their chronic pain symptoms and reoccurring inflammation. After completing the course, I realized that this method really solved my problem. I feel great right now. Even after a hard day's work, I have the energy to play with the kids in the yard. But the fear that this pain will return haunts me.
Therefore, for prevention, I periodically take a course of chiropractic.
Call a doctor at home and ask for advice about what is causing your wife to have problems with her health.
Hi, in that case, I would recommend your wife to undergo a medical examination. You can also use the home treatment and care service. If your relative is not feeling well and cannot do household chores on their own, you can use the homehealthcareagency5 service, which will take care of your relative and help to cope with household chores.
This is because of postural changes and lumber region curvature alteration due to pregnancy period time! A physiotherapist, more better a gynaecology physiotherapist could help you in this cases. I am a senior advisor at this website and help people with business idea generating especially with the fence business. By the way, you could take some hot compression on back, if you do not find any option to go to Physiotherapist!
Some musculoskeletal complications such as lower back pain are common during the pregnancy period! That's why the sufferers should visit gynaecology physiotherapist for relieving such type of complications. And some modification in the workplace should be done for example- avoid forward bending activities, lifting heavyweight, also should be careful during cleaning floor (you could read the Best vacuum cleaner in India if you want to keep your floor, furniture dirt and germ-free without having back pain). You could perform some light stretching exercises and hot water compression on your back if the severity of the pain is beyond tolerance level.
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