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Horror and Terror:

Horror --> Horrible --> Horrific
Terror --> Terrible --> Terrific!

the grammar is so weird and sometimes incomprehensible
And it's something like the following, it's even worse.

"The grass is green," she said.
She said, "The grass is green."

I assume that when she said it the first time there was a period there, but in quotes, if it's not at the end of a sentence, the comma replaces the period.
I agree, that whole punctuation inside the quote rule when it's not part of the quote is ridiculous and I actually refuse to do it whenever I write anything. If it's not part of the quote, it doesn't belong inside the quotation marks!

English is weird for all foreigners because the rules in their language are different. It's hard to get used to all the new rules. Yes, there are a lot of materials online, but you need to find something simple and good. If you need to start from the beginning check out My brother used that website to boost his English skills. He started with the first-grade materials, and it was a great way to remember all the important rules. He wants to move to Canada, and they require you to have at least a 7 on the IELTS score. He swears that he got 7.5 because of that website.
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