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practical tips for medical students Rss

hey, what do you know about tips for medical students that they should certainly know?
It is very important to give a sufficient amount of rest and sleep.
In the modern world, young people have begun to satisfy their need for communication by using these social networks. She began to neglect walking on the street, going to public entertainment places and visiting friends, replacing all this with a virtual "life" inside social networks. They started taking photos not in order to save a pleasant moment in your life, but in order to post these photos on a social network and see a few positive comments under them and get another portion of satisfaction from this. This list goes on, the problem is obvious and clear. It is impossible to replace "natural" communication with virtual communication, the control of young people over their real life is lost and virtual values are exaggerated. However, I think that social networks have helped students to kill themselves on distance learning. They did not waste time and developed. My daughter continued to follow her good student rules and I was able to keep her place!
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