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The floor in the children's room Rss

Soon I will have a second child and we decided with my husband to make repairs in the children's room. We cannot solve the question of what to do the floor, while we think about the laminate. Please advise what would be better.
I think laminate flooring is a good option!
What are the advantages? How practical is this?
A child's own room is his small world. It should be beautiful, cozy, comfortable and safe. Often, when choosing a floor finish, they stop at a laminate coating. Since childhood, the child should be surrounded by things that are selected with taste – this is how his own perception of beauty is formed. Some floor coverings are very slippery, which can lead to injuries during active children's games. Therefore, we recommend choosing a laminate with a relief – it also provides a pleasant micromassage of bare feet. We installed vinyl laminate flooring ( ) in the children's room and were very satisfied.
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