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Cavitation of teeth as a possible root cause of the disease? Rss

A few years ago, I learned about the possibility that a chronic infection in my jaw at the extraction site could be the cause of my chronic inflammation, pain, and fatigue. Apparently, whenever a tooth is removed or a root canal is made, there is a chance that the infection will remain trapped in that location even after it has healed, and that the infection can constantly seep into your body and absorb healthy bone tissue in the immediate vicinity. You can read more on the sites below or do your own search on the topic "cavitation of teeth".

For some reason, I felt it wasn't worth the cost of investigating when I first found out about it, but now I've changed my mind. I'm supposed to have a phone call with a biological dentist this afternoon to discuss my concerns. I never had a root canal, but I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed, and soon after the tooth was pulled out, an unpleasant putrid smell and taste appeared in one of the nests. I didn't know I had to do anything about it to make it go away, so I could still have this infection hanging out in my jaw.

Apparently, conventional dental X-rays do not detect this condition. You need a more advanced image, such as a 3D X-ray, to see it.

Has anyone else here done this for themselves? If you had this condition, did you get surgery or treatment to fix the problem? Have you seen any improvements?
I had improvements after the operation. Thanks to a good doctor.
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