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*mummsy* replied to topic The TTC Perseverance Thread

Gosh, misskel! Your little pic made my heart leap!!! And BEAKER! Massive congratulations!! I'm very excited for you! xx

Saturday 20 June 07:56pm

*mummsy* replied to topic Kids tying shoes!

leisah wrote: tbh, I have no idea how to teach kids to do it. I didn't teach DD1 she came home from school one day and knew how to do it. One of her friends at school had lace up shoes and ap...

Wednesday 22 April 07:43pm

*mummsy* started new topic Kids tying shoes!

Ok, so my 6 year old girl just got her first pair of lace ups....what age did your kids tie their shoes? And any tips on how to teach them? She has almost got it....but yeah....what a frustrating p...

Wednesday 22 April 02:36pm

*mummsy* replied to topic Any tips to get b/f baby to take a bottle.

Sorry, none. My 2 were the same, they were exclusively BF so refused a bottle. I have friends that have said getting someone else besides mum giving the bottle can be helpful...

Tuesday 21 April 03:49pm

*mummsy* replied to topic SAHM

I'm a SAHM! I have been for the last 6 years. I've done little bits and pieces here and there, and will return to work when our youngest starts school. I think I could be a SAHM forever s...

Tuesday 21 April 03:48pm

*mummsy* replied to topic Compulsory vaccinations...

My DH is very much for vaccinating as he doesn't want our country to "turn into a third world country". And in that way I see immunisations as important....But they do make me nervou...

Tuesday 14 April 08:29pm

*mummsy* replied to topic Compulsory vaccinations...

I have a really good friend who is totally against immunisations. She is against it as she is quite a natural type person. She goes to naturopath's over doctors and is quite against pharmaceut...

Tuesday 14 April 08:24pm

*mummsy* replied to topic Compulsory vaccinations...

Ah RS, you've done it again! My thoughts precisely! We vaccinate our kids, but the idea of taking that choice away from parents and tying it to money just isn't right...And your right, ...

Tuesday 14 April 05:31pm

*mummsy* started new topic Compulsory vaccinations...

So....what are people's opinions on the governments proposal to make vaccinations compulsory and if parents don't vaccinate then they won't receive child care rebate or family tax be...

Tuesday 14 April 04:22pm

*mummsy* replied to topic How much help do you get from your family?

Both sets of grandparents live close by, they babysit when we ask if they can (which isn't all that often) and both give birthday, easter and christmas presents to our kids. My mum likes to gi...

Friday 10 April 04:49pm

*mummsy* replied to topic What is your young babies hair like and how do you style it??

Heehee! Cute! My DD had a kinda funny hair at that age, she had old man hair do Lots of hair around the side and bald looking on top! I used to use (Still do!) a spray bottle with water to make...

Thursday 09 April 06:30pm

*mummsy* replied to topic Wipes

And fingermarks on our walls

Wednesday 08 April 05:12pm

*mummsy* replied to topic Going to get DDs hearing checked

Sounds like a good plan Steph. I agree, progress is what you are looking for. And if she isn't really progressing then your plan is a good one. I think it can be so confronting for us to thi...

Wednesday 08 April 02:09pm

*mummsy* replied to topic Wipes

Raspberry Sundae wrote: I like the cucumber and aloe ones smile +1 Nice and fresh smelling! Even though we don't use wipes here anymore for butts I still carry them in my bag for hands.

Wednesday 08 April 02:05pm

*mummsy* replied to topic What do you do for Mothers / Fathers day?

Ah the ol' mothers/fathers day debacle We usually see my parents on the Saturday or if the weekend of the fathers/mothers day is looking particularly busy I will go see my folks during the w...

Wednesday 08 April 02:03pm

*mummsy* replied to topic Tuna mornay...

Thanks Mel! My mum does a white sauce one and I was wanting to do one with breadcrumbs...I've got a feeling my kids are going to dislike it :/ but I've been hankering for it! RS, I...

Tuesday 07 April 08:18pm

*mummsy* started new topic Tuna mornay... do you do yours?

Tuesday 07 April 04:39pm

*mummsy* replied to topic Doublewammy!

Its all good about the PM. I'm sorry to hear you have had a tough time, I hope things are looking up xx

Monday 06 April 07:00pm

*mummsy* started new topic Doublewammy!

Just saw you on here and saying hi! I have been thinking of you and wondering how you are going

Monday 06 April 08:15am

*mummsy* replied to topic BOOK CLUB

Wreakage?! Who is it by? 'Until you are mine' actually took me by surprise that I liked it...I normally wouldn't have probably picked it up...but it just sounded intriguing!

Monday 23 March 10:55pm
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