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Wow I haven't posted here for ages!! Good to see everyone is going well. Jami is 8 and a bit months now, rolling everywhere and sooo close to crawling - she can actually crawl backwards, just hasn't got the hang of going forwards yet lol... She has a smile that lights up a room, and a temper that is ferocious. She just adores her big sister, and is always looking for her. She is saying a few words already - she said dad first much to my hubby's delight! Tannah is a wonderful big sister, I'm so proud of how she helps out and talks and plays with Jami. Although I'd be happier if she dropped the 'I'm 3 and I know everything' attitude! Has anyone used a teething necklace, baltic amber before? Did it work? I bought some for my two little ones but still no teeth so I don't know if they work. I've had a teething necklace on Jami for a few months now - I wasn't too sure if it was working but she's cut 2 teeth in the past 2 weeks and apart from one night where she was a bit unsettled,...

Oh well that explains why I can't find them! I'm sure I had all boxes though when DD1 was little?? Ah well... ended up buying crawler size anyway - refuse to pay $20 ish for a soft pack of infants when the boxes were on special for $29!!

With Huggies nappies? Why can't I find boxes of infant size nappies? Are they not being made anymore?? Have looked in different shops over the past few weeks with no luck.

DD1 is Tannah Grace - we saw Tana in a baby name book and both really liked it but didn't like that spelling, plus hubby liked Hannah but I wasn't so keen.. so we went with Tannah. Grace as I wanted something simple to go with her unusual first name. We settled on her name very early on and never wavered from it. Didn't have a boys name picked as we knew she was a girl. DD2 is Jamisyn Charli - Jamisyn is special to me as it's a place my grandfather used to go to a fair bit before he died (spelt differently though) and it's also the name of an Irish whiskey that I used to drink (back in my drinking days lol). Charli is for hubby's grandfather. We had a lot of trouble deciding on a girls name second time round, and only settled on Jamisyn about a month before she was born. If she had of been a boy, it would have been Deegan Charles. We love both of their names, although they aren't everyones cup of tea.

Yep I've got one, it's great! Great for newborns as they are totally supported, and good for when they are a bit older as well. I love that their weight is spread over both shoulders. Takes a few goes to get it tied right, but once you've got it sussed, it's a breeze!

Posted by: LizzE Liz (blonde lizzard) would still love to catch up when things settle down Lizz Yep that sounds great! Got a busy few weeks coming up, with new years and family birthdays, but after that would be good. Hope Lincoln's check up went well and he's put on some weight. Things are going well here, Jamisyn is 6 weeks today and seems to be growing by the day. Getting the occasional night that she sleeps through, which has been wonderful. Think she's having a big growth spurt at the moment though, she's wanting to feed every 2-3 hours. How was everyone's Christmas? Ours was good, flat out but good. Spent all of xmas eve, xmas day and boxing day driving to different family do's, including a birthday gathering for my nephew on xmas day, so was totally exhausted by last night. The kids got totally spoilt! Tannah had a ball though, loved opening all her presents. So glad it's over for another year though. Hope everyone is well!

DD1 - waters leaking at 2pm, went to hospital as they'd been leaking for a couple of days. First contraction right on midnight, she was born 3.05pm. DD2 - first contraction 6.30am, got to hospital at 10.30am, had waters broken at 11.30am, was 4cm dilated. She was born 45minutes later at 12.15pm - she was in a hurry!

Hi everyone! I'm Liz, and I had my second DD on 15th November. Named her Jamisyn Charli, she was 7pd 8oz. Had a very quick labour - less than 6 hours in total and all drug free - very different to the 15 hours and epidural with Tannah! And I know I screamed my head off too... as well as squeezing my hubby's hand so hard, he had to dig my fingernails out of his palm! lol... Things are going well - she's a hungry little thing, feeding every 3 or so hours, but can go up to 5 overnight. Still getting my head around having a newborn again, but loving every bit of it! Tannah is great with her too, always wanting to cuddle and kiss her, and helps by holding her bottle. So cute!! Hope everyone is going well!

Both mine were posterier - first turned herself during labour, and with my second, the midwife turned her around just before delivery. I had no pain relief at all for labour/birth of second DD (although was only 6 hours in labour) but it can be done! It is a lot more painful in your back, but I found massage and heat packs were great. Good luck!

Before we had Tannah, I'd never heard her name before, although have since seen it once or twice. For our new daughter, we were going to name her Kessa, which I'd also never heard before, but ended up naming her Jamisyn.