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I must admit DS has on numerous occasions worn a Jim Beam hat to daycare. And it's a white hat with a BIG Jim Beam logo on the front. Doesn't bother me at all. He has no idea what the hat says, nor would any other kid at the daycare. It is mostly at times when we has misplaced his usual hat, but still, I would never think twice about letting him wear it. Better to have a hat than not!

DH and I found out the sex with baby number 2 and didn't tell anyone. We were determined from the start that that was what we were going to do, so I found it quite easy to keep the secret. I really liked doing it like that and would do it again if I was to have another.

I sent my barcodes off last week. One for each toy. Got an email yesterday saying the rocket one had been validated etc. When I checked it this morning, the rocket one said validated and the other one said sorry, promo closed! I thought it was a bit strange seeing as they were both in the same envelope. Well, I just got an email saying the princess one has been validated too! So, my guess is they have closed the promo to stop any new forms being downloaded, however the ones that have already been posted should still be processed.

To post all the barcodes? It depends how big your envelope is. If you can fit them in a normal envelope one is enough. But if you have barcodes from boxes and have used a bigger envelope you will need atleast 2. Anything over a regular size envelope requires 2 or more stamps.

Put your pasta in a bowl add some food colouring and about a teaspoon of water, mix it all up till it is covered (add more colouring if needed) spread it out on a tray lined with baking paper and put it in a low oven for about 5 minutes or untill dry. Made it for the first time the other day. Very easy, doesn't take long and ready to use straight away. Have fun.

We are big on camping and have done heaps with our nearly 4yo DS and nearly 2yo DD. Day sleeps are usually a struggle for us and often find the only way to get a daysleep is by taking them for a drive or a walk in the pram. Although DD has always been a better sleeper than DS and she occasionaly has a sleep lying on a towel or blanket outside the tent. (Where we are it is usually too hot inside the tent during the day anyway.) Night times are always easier cause they are exchausted from all the fresh air and being so busy all day. You shouldn't need to go to bed at the same time, just make sure you have all the beds and clothes ready and you know where everything is. It's always a worry that zipping the tent will wake them, but that is very rare for us. As I said, they are usually exhausted and sleep well at night anyway. And I wouldn't get a tent with a seperate room, cause if she wakes at night it just makes it harder to settler her again. Enjoy it! I'm sure you're DD will ha...

Hi All, I have been meaning to get back in here for ages. So sorry. Lots happening with all these new babies and pregnant mummies. Congrats to you all. And great birth story Renee. I love the excitement of the whole pregnancy and birth stuff, but could not deal with another baby. I should be a surrogate one day! Leila- sorry to hear you've been so down. Hope you've had some time out with DH having a week off. You remind me alot of myself in alot of your posts. Don't feel guilty about wanting to wean Tom. You have done a great job and it won't be any disadvantage to him to wean him now. Give yourself a break. Nearly 4 years of breastfeeding is a HUGE effort and you should be very proud. Ange- I think you've made the right decision with your job. You seem so happy with it and it seems like you are great with balancing everything. How is Austin going with his day sleeps? Dylan stopped having daysleeps when he turned 2 , and didn't have a day sleep for like over 6 months. Then he sta...

At first it starts 'sprouting' after about a week, so needs to be re-done in about 3-4 weeks. But if you get it done regularly less hair grows and doesn't grow as quick, so you can leave it a little longer.

Hi Ange. I've used Snapfish before which turned out great. Need to do one for Emma now.

Everyone over to the Toddler section! Leila has started us a new thread. It's in the top one "Your Toddlers growth and Development." See you all there. And Yay Jess. Exciting on both counts, the TTC and the potty!