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OMG Leila... going for a third! Wow! I had to read that a few times, I'm in shock! Hope it goes well for you. It's late and I'm on my way to bed, but I just had to reply after reading that. We've just got back from 3 weeks away. Had an awesome time, feel free to check out my facebook photos anyone. Back to work monday. Hope all you pregnant ladies are doing well. Can't wait to hear news of the new bubs. So exciting. I really will try and post a bit more, but can't promise anything. xxxx

ours has a child lock which is very handy since DS likes to pretend to do the washing. So, does the child lock mean he can't press the buttons?

We don't have a laundry! It's just a little area near the back door which is also where the fridge is and it is very open cause we use the back door as our main entrance, so can't block it off. I may just have to stick with a top loader. Thanks for the reply anyway.

Need a new washer and was just wondering about front loaders, how do you keep the kids from pressing the buttons? I've seen some advertised as having child lock, but is that so they can't open it? Or so they can't push the buttons? Thanks

Hey Ange, how are you doing? When is Austins next appointment? Thank god you insisted on a referal and I can't believe the doctor told you to use that ointment. Was it on prescription or over the counter? There should be some sort of warning on it if it is not supposed to be used on kids. You should make some sort of complaint about that. Anyway, thinking of you and Austin and hoping it gets treated properly this time round. Well... whats going on with us??? Emmy is a bully! She hits Dylan all the time, throws massive tantrums, kicks and screams, pinches and punches. And everyone says she is great when I'm not aorund, but she is such a sook with me. Honestly, I don't think I would cope with it if I wasn't back at work. But, she is gorgeous and melts my heart! Anyway, I put Dylan to bed an hour and a half ago and he is STILL getting up. And I still have to do the dishes, make lunches and have a shower. So I can't think straight enough to say anything else I was going to say. Hope...

I'm still here. Just sooooooooo super busy these days. Up about 6 everyday, leave home by 7.45am work all day, home about 5.15pm. Mornings are breakfast and getting kids ready, arvo's are cooking dinner, dishes, feeding and bathing the kids, tidying the mess, getting kids in bed and making lunches for the next day. Then shower and bed ready to do it all again! It is so hectic, but I am enjoying being back at work and am much happier these days. The kids are great and loving daycare. It has been so good for Dylan. He has so many friends and loves his 'teachers' and is learning new things everyday. Emma is now in the toddler in the room and doing really well. I went in at lunch time to try and sort out our bill and had a peak at the kids and they were both sleeping. Emma was on her little bed on the floor, so cute! There is no way I would get her to go to sleep without her cot at home, but they said it was no problem at all. They haven't had any luck teaching her not to climb on tab...

What did you think? What are the main things to do? Do alot of people speak english? Thanks

I haven't been watching this season, but it was on in the background. There were 2 episodes on here and it was 2 females that got voted off. Monica or something starting with m. And the older lady with the mullet haircut, name starting with S. Hope that helps.

Jess, sorry about the bad start to the year. It's got to get better from now though. To answer your questions.... Emma has had honey and peanut butter and is fine. And she has cows milk at daycare but I still breastfeed her morning and night. She drinks about 250ml cows milk in the day and I feed her when we get home at 5pm and again before bed.

Thanks for that. I didn't know you could get condensed milk in a tube. Will have to check that out next time. Thanks.