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If I made a big batch of cookie dough, do you think it would be ok to freeze? The ingredients are butter, sugar, condensed milk, flour and m&m's. The recipe only uses 1/4 cup of condensed milk, which means the rest will just get chucked out (or eaten!) so I figure I can make heaps and feeze it to make quick cookies later.

Ange, don't stress about the teeth. Just keep trying and letting him play with the toothbrush and you can always wipe over his teeth with a face washer when he is in the bath. One thing I have learnt about kids is that there is always something you will worry about and a few months down the track it won't be an issue, but there will be something else. I never really brushed Dyl's teeth much when he was this age, don't know when it really started to happen properly, but he is great with it now and his teeth are beautiful.

Happy Birthday Ryder. Did you do anything special? Em's birthday is next friday. I'll be working and Andrew will be on nightshift, so we won't be doing anything special. I'll make her a cake on the weekend though. Deb- Yay for enjoying your first day back at work. Do you just work the one dy and the other lady works 4? Em was ok last night. Woke a couple of times, but settled reasonably easy. I wasn't feeding her to sleep when she was initally put to bed, but was feeding her when she woke during the night. Mainly just cause it was the quickest and easiest way to settle her without waking Dylan up aswell. But yes, it was a habit that she got a bit too used to. I have gone through this stopping the feeding before, but then things like holidays or teething or sickness muck things up and we fell back into old habits. I'm determined to stick to it this time. I need sleep! Can't remember what else I was going to say, but I'm exhausted anyway, so am off to bed. xxx

Hi all. I haven't posted in here for sooo long. We had a great christmas, just the 4 of us. It really was fun just spending the day together playing with all the toys and games. New Years was nothing for me. DH was on nightshift so I was home with the kids, in bed at midnight. We cut Dylan's cast off last night. It was getting really yucky. Since he got the short cast on he was using his hand alot more, so would play in the sand pit and all sorts with it. He's fine now and was very excited to sho everyone at daycare that his arm isn't broken any more. And I will be so glad to be able to go swimming again. It was raining this arvo so couldn't today. Full time work is going well. I'm enjoying being back at work and I do miss the kids, but I really do need it and must admit I am much happier now. Kids have settled in really well at daycare. Emmy has even had a few days when she didn't even cry! Dyl always tells me he doesn't want to go, but he has fun and they keep him busy much bet...

lol... I just got my ShamWow's in the mail on wednesday! Haven't used them much yet, but they do soak up liquid pretty darn quick and hold it in like on the ads. I got the 4 lrg and 4 sml ones, so will give my mum and sister some. I got them for all the spills we have around associated with a 3 and 1 yr old! Plus the water all over the bathroom floor at bathtime.

I went for a swim about half an hour after we got home from the hospital. lol DS was still in the capsule asleep! So 3 days! I never really had any bleeding or any problems though.

Sorry for the late reply. Thanks heaps. I won't bother with the plants if they are fine without them. Couple more questions though.... We are using the filter that came with the tank, so would presume it is the right one, but the water seems to be moving around quite alot. Is that ok? And the water was a little cloudy yesterday, so we replaced about half the water and put some more water treatment in. Seems better today, but what could cause it to go cloudy? Anyway, we haven't killed the fish yet, so we're doing ok! Thanks again.

DS got a little fish tank for christmas and DH went and bought him 2 goldfish yesterday. He was going to talk to the people at the petshop about what we need to do etc, but said the only people working there were 2 15yr old girls so he didn't ask anything. I've never had fish before so don't know much! Do we need to keep the filter on all the time? Should they have plants in there? It currently just has a plastic plant that came with the tank. Do they 'sleep'? Like is it ok if there are still for a bit or should they be swimming around all the time? Anything I need to know, like signs they are happy or not happy? Thanks for any help.

Thanks Leisa, thats something worth thinking about. The major problem I have with it is that I ask him for help or to do something for me and he 'can't at the moment.' And I still don't see him till hours later. And when DS askes his dad to play a game with him and gets told No, I'm busy. With a game! That sucks!

I guess I just have to make it clear to him how serious I am about it and then let him make the decision as to how much he is going to play. If that doesn't work then it is going to have to be the game or me. I can't keep going on like this. It just makes me sooooo angry. I keep telling him in a few years he is going to realise how much time he has wasted. Problem is, it's been over 3 years already. Thanks for the replies.