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DH plays World of Warcraft online and I am just about ready to tell to delete his account or I'm leaving him. He works 4 on 4 off and spends more time playing than I do sleeping! He works day and nightshifts, so sometimes has trouble sleeping at night. He will often stay up all night playing and often has days when he is playing for 8 hours or more. Last night he came to bed at 1am. Got up about 9, had a coffee and started playing and didn't stop till after 5pm. Then went to work at 7. I have recently returned to work full time and the kids are in daycare full time so that DH can do stuff to the house etc on his days off. To be honest he hasn't been doing much of the stuff that needs to be done, but says thats cause we don't have the money to buy what he needs. He rarely helps me with anything like cooking, washing, shopping etc and will only do something for the kids like baths etc if I ask him. He knows I hate him playing WOW. We are coming up to our 4th wedding anniversary ...

On my way to bed, but just wanted to say that Emmy has been having cows milk since she started daycare a few weeks ago. She has about 200-250ml a day. She wouldn't drink formula or EBM so we just kept trying and eventually she started drinking it. Merry christmas to all. xxx

Thanks for that. I've added a few of your to my list Honey and am about to check out the top 50 thanks LolliBel.

DH is making me a CD or 2 for christmas but I can't think of songs. I have to hear them to think of the names etc. I like top 40 sort of stuff. Black Eyed Peas, Taylor Swift, Pink, etc. So what songs are you into at the moment??

Ange- are you going back to work fulltime? I can't remember. How did Dylan break his arm..... We were on our way home from our holiday, had been driving all day and were only 6 hours from home. So we stopped and had dinner and were having a little rest and play in the park before driving the rest. Dylan climbed up to a slide, but didn't want to slide down, so was climbing back down the ladder and fell. I think he was climbing down facing out cause I didn't see him fall, but turned around and he was lying flat on the ground. I picked him up and his arm was clearly broken! Have you seen the x-rays on facebook? So we took him into the hospital, gave him some painkillers, took x-rays etc and were told he needed an orthopedic surgeon. So back to Rocky, or Townsville. So after staying at the hospital for 3 hours, we then had to drive 8 hours to Townsville. Damn outback!! Kids are starting to do better in daycare. They had a christmas party today, so I stayed for a bit and they had santa ...

I don't know you at all, so am just going from what you have written in your post. If your husband wants you there I think you would be letting him down to not go. What sort of office is it? Is it possible that there will be other people there that also have kids which would give you something to talk about? If it is at a resturant, will you be seated all night or will it be a stand up thing? If you are seated, you will be sitting next to DH and just get him to seat you next to someone he thinks you would get along with. Clothes wise, if you are seated, no one will see too much of what you are wearing anyway. Or you could just wear something a little chrismasy. You never know, if you go you may just have a great night!

Thanks everyone. I will just give her the cows milk and see how it goes. Hopefully she takes to it well, that will make the stress of it all a whole lot easier for me. Then I just have to worry about her sleeping! Thanks again.

DD is starting daycare tomorrow. I have a week and a half to ease her into it before I am back at work. She will be 11 months then. Prob is, she is fully breastfed. I have tried on many occasions to give her EBM with no luck and this week have been trying to give her a bottle of formula. No luck with that either. I just gave her a little bit of cows milk in a bottle and she was drinking it. She has been having it on cereal etc for a few months now. So, should I just go straight to the cows milk and save the stress of getting her to take formula or EBM? Or is it still too early for her to be drinking lots of cows milk? Thanks.

Hi, hope you are all well. Congratulations Renee. Hope you have a great pregnancy. Very exciting. Well, eventfull trip we had! Dylan's left arm is plastered up past the elbow. He is handling it well, but having a little trouble sleeping (just what I need). The darn thing is so heavy on his poor little arm. Today was day one back home and he only asked if he could go for a swim 3 times, so that is better than I thought. Em's top teeth are on their way. She has been a little grumpy, not sure if that is the teeth or the hours and hours in the car though. She walks a little, nowhere near as much as the video of Thomas though. Kids are starting daycare monday. I tried to give Emmy some formula today, but she was just screaming and turning into me, so I am hoping the daycare ladies have more success. And I am hoping they settle in well and can give me a day or two free before I am back to work. I have so many things I would like to do.... a little more christmas shopping and wrapping,...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and CONGRATULATIONS Helen. You definately got spoilt, great to see. And wonderful news you are pregnant again. Wow, the journey begins again. I love the whole pregnancy, expecting stuff. Hope it all goes well. Happy Birthday to Eva for tomorrow. Hope she has a great birthday. Dylan turns 3 on thursday. We had his birthday party last weekend cause we will be away. The party was great and everyone had a wonderful time. The cake I made was awesome and I was so proud of it. If you haven't see it, check it out on facebook. So we leave on holidays again early monday morning. We are driving to Emerald (about 10hours), staying the night then on to Rockhampton where we will stay 3 nights. Don't know anyone there, so it will just be a nice little family time. Then down to Bundy where DH's dad and brother live. They aren't the nicest people, so not really looking forward to that, but it is BIL's 30th, so we have to go. Only good thing is they have 2 kids who Dylan gets along...