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Thanks Melanie. I will definately put a time on or we will have people here all day! DH said not to worry about a time, but I said to him that because there are alot of family friends, it would just drag on and we would end up feeding everyone lunch and dinner! Plus, from a guests point of view, it is good to have a time in mind to go home, or you might just be hanging around wondering if everything is all finished! I'm excited! And DS can't wait.

DS in nearly 3 and DD is 9 months. We went through a few different evening routines when dd was between 3 and 7 months cause of her changing needs - feeding and sleep etc. Now, since DD was about 7 months, DD has dinner 4.45. They both have a bath at 5. I finish getting dinner ready after the bath, but do prep for dinner earlier in the day. We have dinner at 6. DD sits with us and nibbles some of our dinner too. Then we have stories, DD usually just crawls around while I read with DS. DS is in bed by 7, then I sit down and BF DD and she is usually in bed by 7.15pm. Then I relax!

I can understand your excitment! DD is just over 9 months and is not into solids at all. I would have been lucky to get 3 spoonfulls into her tonight!

We put in $30 a month for each of them. Plus any money they get given or when we empty their money boxes. My dad also bought each of them $1000 worth of shares when they were born so the dividends go into their accounts too. With the $30 f/n that will be $13000 when they are 18. Plus the extras too. DS is about to turn 3 and has almost $3000.

I tually like him on the morning show and think him and Kylie are great together. I often find myself laughing at their silly little jokes!

Posted by: 2SweetGirls I might be a kill joy but I wouldnt have water at a party for small children, I'd hate for an accident to happen and small children around water need to be watched very closely. I guess at this age there would be parents there as well but still for me I wouldnt do it - it only takes a few moments for something to go terribly wrong. All the kids will have parents there plus I have family coming too, so extra adults. And the water will only be about 30cm. I know accidents can still happen in a little bit of water, but I have put on the invite what will be there and kids can bring floaties if they want. I really don't see that as an issue. Where I live we are already having 30' days, so it would be more of a health risk to have kids running around in that temperature without water to keep them cool!

Thanks for the ideas ladies. How long should the party go for? I was thinking 2 hours?

Quiche has become a regular meal at our house recently. Put in lots of vegies - grated carrot, zuccini, corn, capsicum etc and serve by itself or with salad. Yum!

So, I had flights all organised to go to the Gold Coast and stupid Virgin Blue have changed the flight times which means are flights don't connect. Our only option now is to fly to Brisbane instead. Now I need to work out to to get from the airport to our hotel at Surfers Paradise. There will be me and MIL with 2 kids, 3 suitcases, a pram, a port-a-cot and nappy bag. Any ideas?? Thanks

I just came on to post something very similar. My DD is 9 months and I have a nearly 3 yr old DS and DH also works nights (not all the time though.) DD has never slept through the night and with DS not having daysleeps anymore, I can't cope anymore. I was told to make sure DD is not fed to sleep and learns to self settle. Bit of controlled crying and she now self settles, but still wakes every few hours at night. So I was told to stop feeding her everytime she wakes. So now once she goes to bed I don't feed her till after 4am. But she is still waking and I don't know what to do now. I'm sticking to my guns and not feeding her. I go in and give her a little cuddle and a drink of water if she wants it and put her back to bed. There has been a fair bit of crying. Most of the time she is back asleep within half an hour. DS has woken a few times. I tell him to go back to bed or go to my bed and I will come see him in a minute. He doesn't always wake though. So, I have stopped the...