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Is that the one you get with the newborn barcodes? If thats it, I've got one I only used once. PM me if you want it.

I need some tips / ideas / suggestions on anything birthday party related. We are having a birthday party for DS next month and I have only been to 2 kids parties since DS was born, so don't really know what is expected. It is going to be a water party in our backyard. We will have a blow up kids pool, a blow up slide thing, a little shell pool, sandpit and trampoline. Probably 10-20 kids from 1-4 years old. Do I need to do games or just let the kids run around themselves? Should I give out lolly bags? Any suggestions of food?

Well, looks like I am the odd one out. DS has desert most nights unless he has been naughty or not eaten his dinner. He has either jelly, custard, icecream, a fredo frog or cake if we have some. I reckon if he didn't know he was going to get desert, he would never eat all his dinner. I remember having icecream for desert everynight when I was growing up, so guess it's a habit for my family.

Hi everyone and welcome to the new girls. Haven't been on for a while again, and now I'm here to have a whinge again. I want to leave my DH! Well, perhaps that is a bit extreme, but I am really over it at the moment. I don't feel like a family with him and our life together is not like I think it should be. You know how you have a picture in your head of what you want your family to be. (I want to go to bed with my husband and talk before we go to sleep. I want us to wake up together and have breakfast with the kids together. I want to do the everyday things together like the dishes or reading the kids stories before bed.) But it seems like we are the opposite of everything I want. It's hard with DH doing shift work. Nightshifts stuff up his body clock, so even when he is at home he finds it hard to sleep at night. He will stay up late and fall asleep on the lounge then sleep half the day. He can't/won't cook, so never comes into the kichen when I'm cooking. He loves the kids an...

I know exactly how you feel. Last night my DD went to bed at 7. Woke at 10.30, 12.15, 2, 4.30 and up for the day at 6.15am. Usually I am up to DS 2-3 times a night aswell, but his nanna is visiting at the moment and sleeping in his room, so she has been getting up to him.

I've got a book called Joyful Birth which has 2 CD's with it. It was given to me and I never used it, so can't really say how good it is. But it is sitting a bag waiting for me to take to Vinnies, so you can have it if you want. On the front it says: a spiritual path to motherhood. Meditations, Music, Journaling Excercises and Yoga poses for Pregnancy. Just PM me if you want it.

OMG, Dylan is having a nap! He has been so grumpy lately and only stops whinging and whining when he has cartoons on. I refuse to let him watch anything until atleast lunch time (he sits down to eat and watch something which gives me a break to feed Emma). So he has been horrible all morning. So I told him that when I put Emma to bed, he is having a sleep too! I didn't really think he would, I was just going to make him stay in his room and read books for a bit. So I put Em to bed then pulled Dylans trundle out and laid down and read a book then said Mummy is having a sleep now, you can have a sleep too or read more books, but you are not to get off the bed. So he sooked and cried for a bit then rolled over and went to sleep! He really needs a catch up sleep, so hopefully he will be happier when he wakes up. My dad is visiting at the moment. He is staying at my brothers which is the next street. It's funny that mum can be here for weeks and it's really easy cause she just plays wi...

DS went through a bath hating stage at about 18 months too. I found these coloured tablets, can't remember what they were called. But you get them at the supermarket with the bubble bath etc, they come in a little tub and you put one or more in the bath and the water changes colour. I think they were about $5 a tub though, but it definately got DS liking the bath again. We used 1 tub then he was over his bath hating stage and was fine without them.

I've just taken all the toys out of the bath for a clean. Some are slimey and gross and some rubber ones like fish, ducks etc have that yukky black slime inside. Is there a way to clean them properly, or should I just chuck the yukky ones and clean the others? Thanks

Well I am feeling better today. I rang William's mum and she said he is running around fine. She asked if she could bring him over so I can see for myself that he is ok, cause she knows how bad I felt. So they are coming over tomorrow. I am interested to see his face, cause a massive bruise came up instantly and it was really swollen. I can't stop thinking about it though, so I hope I am able to get over it. Kitty- it's not surprising you are always hungry, breastfeeding 2 kids. Have you manage to cut Eva down? Any news on more blood tests? Ange- My opinion on dummies is you either have it or you don't. I don't think babies understand they can have it for one sleep but not another. So if you want to get rid of it, I would just chuck it and go cold turkey. (Of corse that is just my opinion!) Renee- Sorry to hear the TT isn't going well. I don't really have any advice cause Dylan was so easy to TT, I didn't really have to do anything. But hang in there, she will get it soon. Jenna...