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Hi, Did you start with Farex? I began with that and made it really runny so it was just like lumpy milk!! I also found there were some sorts of spoons that my DS didn't like. He loves the rubbery ones and will even sit with his mouth open so I can rub it on his gums. Its makes a little noise that amuses him! Also if she isn't taking food from a spoon have you tried any fingerfoods? I wouldn't worry too much though if she is still drinking her bottles well. Good Luck Kellie

Hi Nic Sorry, no help from me, but just wanted to say my husband is exactly the same. He works 4 days on, 4 off, so I have recently gone back to work part time on some of his days off. When he works, he does 12hour shifts, so I usually don't expect any help from him, but now the days I go to work are a nightmare. I get up at 6.30/7am with my 6month old son Dylan, breastfeed him, do the dishes, get his lunch ready for the day, have my own breakfast, give Dylan breakfast, get myself ready for work (while watching Dylan), express what milk I have left and then wake my husband just before walking out the door. Then I get home in the arvo and hubby hands Dylan over as soon as I walk in the door. So I have to look after him while I have something to eat (usually starving by then), express more milk (very full by then too!!), do more dishes and maybe washing, tidy the house, cook dinner..... And if I ask hubby to take him for a bit he says, but I've had him all day!! Hubby doesn't hear Dy...

Hi, my bub is also 6 months old today (born 26/11/06) and I have just stopped the night feeds. From 2-4months he slept through the night and then we went on holidays. He began waking in the night, probably just cause he was in the portable cot, but I would feed him to settle him as I didn't want him to wake everyone else. When we got home I thought he would settle back into his own bed and go back to sleeping through. That didn't happen! When he would wake in the night, he would feed quite well, so I thought he must be hungry. I did try to stop by giving him water, then I tried watered down breast milk. Neither worked so I continued to feed him. Then I talked to my CHN who said he was probably waking out of habit and got used to being fed. Anyway, I decided I wasn't going to feed him during the night anymore. So, the first night when he woke I just tried to settle him without feeding. It took almost 2 hours. I didn't pick him up, just patted him, sung to him, played his music box, a...

Hate to tell you this, but my son has had many symptoms of teething since about 3 1/2 months old. He is now 6 months and we are yet to see a tooth!!!

Hi, have you thought of introducing any meat? My bub is 6 months next week and loves meat with his vegies. I just add a little of either cooked chicken or beef when blending the veg. We had roast chicken for dinner last night so I used a bit of that (without skin). Or I boil it in a little water. I have also given him bread with vegemite. I use the crust and cut it into a finger for him to hold and suck. (with supervision!!) He will also suck on the core of a pear after I have eaten it. Loves that. My CHN said we can try giving him a piece of cooked chicken breast and he will suck on that, but I haven't tried yet. Sweet potato is another veg to try. Have started to give him milk arrowroot biscuits, but you have to watch carefully cause they will suck it till its soggy, but sometimes chunks break off. Hope this helps, can't think of anything else for the moment. Have fun Kel

Hi, I have recently started on this routine for my DS (26/11/06) and it has worked out great. Previous to this I was breastfeeding almost every 2 hours during the day and once or twice at night. I used to put him to sleep only after feeding, but he took to this routine really well. And to my surprise he didn't need my boob to fall asleep. Just the last 3 nights I have stopped feeding him at night on advice from my CHN. My son used to sleep through, but after a 3 week holiday 2 months ago, he had been waking every night and I had been feeding him. She told me he was probably waking out of habit rather than hunger and we just needed to break the habit. The first 2 nights it took me close to 2 hours to get him back to sleep. Last night my mum was here, so she got up to him and he was back asleep in 10mins and didn't wake again till 7am. When he woke, we didn't pick him up, just patted him for comfort. The first 2 nights were hard, but if it works it will be worth it. It's good to have ...

Hi Rachael, my son born 26/11/06 has been on 3 meals of solid a day for the last few weeks and we have a really good routine. I'm still breastfeeding. We have milk at 7am, breakfast at 8am (Dylan has the pear & banana farex just mixed with breast milk) 9am sleep 11am milk 12 lunch - pureed veg and then some plain farex mixed with pureed fruit. 1pm sleep 3pm milk 5.30pm dinner - sort of the same as lunch, but maybe meat & veg. And farex with fruit for dessert. 6.30pm bath then milk again and bed around 7-7.30pm. So thats 4 milk feeds and 3 solids a day. Its been working really well for us. Kellie

Wow Tamara he is a clever boy. Dylan was born on 26/11/06 and I can't imagine him saying any actual words for months. He makes plenty of baby talk, but that can't be mistaken for any words yet. I think he's on the verge of crawling too. He gets up on his knees, but tends to move backwards. Funny!! They're so entertaining aren't they. It's a wonder what I ever did with my time before DS came along!! And NIC, I have tried the dream feed before, but he still woke during the night. I'll get him settled on this new routine and if his still waking at night I might try again and see how he goes.

Hi, Lucy I was also told not to feed Dylan during the night either so I tried getting him back to sleep without feeding him a few times, but gave in after an hour. Then I also tried giving him just water, that didn't work. Then I tried watered down expressed milk but he drank heaps. So to me that says he really is hungry. He wakes once during the night, time varies, so I change his nappy, breastfeed and I'm back to bed in 20mins. I don't think I'm gonna get any better than that. You must be tired. I hope your partner helps with the 5am hour. Do you feed him at 5am? Or does he just want to play? Kellie

Hi, just wondering what everyone feeds their bubs in terms of homemade or bought baby food? My son is almost 6 months and I've been cooking my own veg, but also mixing it with jar food. Happy mothers day everyone!!!