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OMG I just watch S4 E14 so sad... i had a little cry!! where are you up to?

Ok so 2 weeks ago my ex-partners cousin asked me to mind her 6 month old baby girl while she went into hospital....and has not come back to collect her. (i later found out that she lied about going to hospital as she posted pics on FB of her big weekend out) For these 2 weeks i have called her and sent her txt messages but she is telling me that she doesnt want her little girl back. My son and myself have become very very attached to her and i dont know what to do. I am a single mother and i work. I would love to take this beautiful little girl on but it's hard. Whenever i think about having to give her back i cry. I know that her mother doesnt take good care of her and she is so happy here with me. I am considering fostering her but i know that this mother is claiming a centrelink payment for this child and if i do this it might cause trouble for me. There is no way i can afford to take her on and support her by myself, especially since i will have to pay for daycare etc while i am...

Bungie I never received abstudy when i was younger because my mum and step dad earnt too much but it depends on your parents income...Abstudy is still income tested and in some cases yes ppl on abstudy can get more but in the same token they can get less too depending on their employment situation or their parents employment situation!! it's the same as Austudy

Eve75 Abstudy is exactly the same as Austudy!! same rates of payment etc etc etc!!!!!

myfairyprincess There is a waitlist for these loans and you have to be working and earning a decent income with pretty high re-payments!! There's about a 2 - 3 year waitlist because of the Australian economy.

spunkbubble''''''''smamma I dont know why these forms ask that question, why dont you ask centrelink!!!!! I guarantee you that we DO NOT get any extra money!!

*Just~Perfectx2* No Aboriginal ppl DO NOT get extra money, just to clear that up!! we get exactly the same as everyone else does!! They do have their own health care but it's run by the government so it's just like going to a public doctor that bulk bills and we DO NOT get first preference on any waitlist or anything like that..... I do emergency foster care work for Aboriginal children and it's so rewarding, i feel as though i'm giving back to the community plus i do volunteer work at a local school with a large population of Indigenous children. You should look into foster care, you can do emergency work which is sometimes just overnight or a few days!!

MumToThreeSweeties THAT is exactly what i am trying to say!!!!!! I have nothing against immigrants at all and i do feel sorry for all these countries that cannot provide for their ppl but i reckon this country could possibly end up like this if this continues and i DO NOT WANT this for my son, my future grandbabies and so on!!

*Just~Perfectx2* I AM A STRONG ABORIGINAL WOMAN and i DO NOT DRINK or TAKE little boy is half Torres Strait Islander so he is one of those little "black kids" that you are referring to and he is very very well looked after by me, my family and his father's family!! Every cent i get or earn goes to rent, bills, childcare, groceries, clothing for him!! I cannot remember the last time i had a drink and i have never gone overboard with alcohol either has anyone in my immediate family!!!

Bungie I am actually from indigenous decent and my son is Torres Strait Islander!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My point was that is seems as though they only have to be here for a short time to be eligible for benefits. Your right, i dont know that man's situation but i believe that if they are given citizenship they should be able to contribute to this country and he could not speak a word of English so i can see that happening too soon!!