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Thanks for the help does doing yoga help ..? i went to the GP she gave me a referral for ultrasound cos she said it sounds an area of my stomach has no muscle support then if there is a problem might need to see phyio or even surgery.. honest its so disgusting n with all the stretch marks. i still havent been to the ultrasound yet im waiting for my exams to finish then in the holidays till next feb im gonna swift the baby weight once and for all its not jus nasty to look at but also an health problem for me i notice my immune system is weaker n i developed asthma as well .... Also my mum said there was this lady that had pot belly and started wearing this corset like thing to hold her stomach together and apparent it works but its got like wires and stuff and not very comfortable does anyone know if it works and where to get it??

Hi everyone I am 23 yrs old and have 2 children ages 3 and 1 and post baby weight was 56kg now 74.5 and never regain my post natal body after first child but didnt put much on for second I have just celebrated my second childs first bday and it really bothered me that my tummy still looked disgusting and i noticed that my muscle separation is still a finger apart and my tummy looked saggy is tummy tuck the only solution??? i really want to try excrising and dieting does anyone have the same problem?? i read on the net that sometimes no matter what u do ur muscle jus wont go bak to normal and u need the tummy tuck to part bak the muscles together if there are any thing i can do please let me know Im going to gp tomorrow for my sons vaccine and i wanna ask doc if theres anything i can do.

Summer is back and so are the mosquitoes sitting here on the computer i got bitten 3 times near my elbow and i can see one just cruising around the room. Hope feeding on me is enough and wont bite my DS My DS is 7 weeks old and sleeping in the same room as well as my 2 year old is there a safe way of killing them ?? the only thing i can think of is spray i got that spray that is made from plant but still not comfortable using it around kids or babies. Does anyone know safe ways of dealing with mosquitoes?

I have recently purchased 10x260ml and 7x 125ml avent BPA bottles and noticed that the 260ml bottles are hard to closed properly and leaks sometimes it takes like 6 times to get it to close without leaking. i have always used avent and never had any problems and when i compare it with the old bottles i noticed that when the ring and the bottle screw together its different compare to the old one the old bottle had 2 lines where the new one has 3. I only bought the 125m yesterday so lets see if i have the same problem. Does anyone else have this problem with the bottles?

Gosh man your experiences are worse then mine but after a week i still have he bruise and in labour i had the drip and had to get the antibotics but luckily a doctor put the needle in but it went in through my wrist and was there for 3 days which hurt when i carry bub and shower and etc. They wouldnt take it out cos the nurse told me only doctor is allow to put it in and they were scared to take it out and there wouldnt be a doctor around in case i need like a blood transfusion or something. But i swear at time it still Hurts there i mean how long was the needle if i was to bent my wrist all the way i think the other see would pierce outta my skin the other end. Im so dreading labour...

Im one of those who are really scared of needles and if it wasnt for my baby i would not have a blood even if someone pay me to. Today i was at the pathology and it wasnt busy i was the only one there waiting so maybe thats why they decide to use me as a guinea pig and got a trainee to take my blood this is got to be my WORSE experience EVER. I suspected it straight away she was so slow and didnt look like she knew what she was doing and an old nurse keeps poking her head in to see what she was doing. and then the old nurse came in and watch her check for veins and I have never done this before but i pulled my arm back as she was coming at me with the needle i swear i wanted to bolt for it. And then when she got the needle in SHE WENT TOO DEEP AND PIERCED IN AND THROUGH MY VEIN SO NO BLOOD WAS coming out and then the old nurse was like telling her to pull it out slowly till she get the vein. and she still couldnt get it and they old nurse took over i was a bit relieve then but t...

So you didnt bleed at all? Maybe your body reaborb the clot itself thats what im hoping would happen. Good luck with labour. I was just reading the week by week guide and it reminded me of labour and realise how much pain i went through Honestly i thought i was going to die and never in my life experience so much pain that death is nth compare to it and i told my partner im never ever having another child I envy women with easy and quit labour i was in there almost 12 hrs and it started from 3am so i was soooo damn tired as well between my contractions which was only seconds apart i kept falling asleep. Im not even gonna think about it till it happens. I wonder if Renee is in labour. Well good luck and hope everything goes well if you are.

Thanks for the helpful info its just so hard to find anything relating this at all. Im glad everything worked out for you. Im gonna have my fingers cross when i go to my next u/s Ive been drinking soo much fluid and tried eating right trying to do everything i can to help it heal. But have a 20months old so its abit hard to avoid the heavy lifting part. I called the midwives at the hospital but they told me to talk to me GP maybe cos its still early and I havent checked into the hosp yet. Gp said it might be a blood vessel abrupted whatever it is its so damn scary. Your gonna have a lil girl thats great i want a lil girl myself hence my first is a boy I want a girl so much cos i really only plan to have 2 kids. I reckon 2 is plenty already, double trouble.

Daytona is a car video game just wanted to let you know

Thanks hope labour goes well for you. Says your 40w1d pregnant on the chart, its anytime now. It seemed like everyone i came across with a hematoma has bleeding and thats the scary part as at present amost 10 weeks i havent bleed yet and im scared when its gonna happen cos i read that some women has massive bleeds. Feel so helpless. My partner wasnt exactly helpful he doesnt think its a big deal and im worrying for no reason as he says "You have good blood it would be alright." well atleast someone is opimistic about it. I think im gonna break down if it got bigger at next scan im going to wait till 13weeks and going to a different radiology cos this one mixed up my appointment i mean waiting an extra 45min isnt a problem but when you havent peed for the last 2h45min and drank 1.2L of water thats a different story. and i specifically asked when i was doing the u/s if everything is alright and she said yes i dont see an blood clot as being alright. Anyways better get some sleep...